Event Date/Time: Mar 28, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 29, 2007
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The UKPHA forum offers a unique opportunity to learn from leading edge innovations in all parts of the UK, the Republic of Ireland and abroad, as well as showcase initiatives from Edinburgh. These will all relate to the key conference themes;

Health Inequalities – the health and wealth gaps are widening; what can we do?
Evidence for successfully tackling health gaps
Working with disadvantaged groups
Community workforces - will they deliver?
Health Equity Audits
Sustainable development – the social, economic and environmental must-dos
Creating and maintaining healthy neighbourhoods
Partnerships - breaking down barriers
New ways of working to create well-being
Anti-health forces – fighting for health
Nanny state vs public good –legislation or persuasion
The spectrum of choice – who chooses; who loses?
Social marketing – using commercial tricks
Balancing rights – values and ethics
And these locally decided issues:
Public health economics - answering Wanless
Local economics and govermental interventions
Long-term conditions - maximising health and minimising health
Health Protection - the 21st century challenge
Environmental determinants - the impacts of the world around us
Keeping us safe - outbreaks, epidemics and terrorism


Additional Information

The Forum welcomes everyone who is involved in promoting the public's health and well being, including: Key decision makers in the NHS and Local Government - Directors of Public Health, Elected Members, Directors of Environmental Services and Directors of Community Health Partnerships The Public Health workforce, including Public Health practitioners, health promotion officers, health improvement officers, health visitors, public health and community nurses, community workers, and anyone who works to promote health and address inequality in the NHS and Local Government Voluntary and community sector workers, especially those who support vulnerable groups Anyone who is involved in planning and design, regeneration, urban and rural development, and healthy cities Academics, including researchers and teachers, information gatherers and analysts Anyone who is concerned about the public's health and well being, whether as individuals, or as members of environmental campaigns, anti-poverty groups, etc What will they learn? The Forum will provide maximum opportunities for learning from: Leading edge innovations from all parts of the UK and Ireland Showcase initiatives from Scotland Fresh insights into key global issues of relevance to the UK and Ireland Assisted Places Reflecting its mission and values, the UKPHA aims to ensure that the Annual Public Health Forum is accessible to those who would benefit from attending, but cannot afford the registration fee. Assistance is available in two forms: Assistance for voluntary bodies Full time students, the unwaged, retired public health practitioners, members of staff, trustees, volunteers, beneficiaries or others nominated and paid for by a Registered Charity or other voluntary body with an annual income of less than £750 000, are entitled to a 50% discount on any category fee. You will be asked to provide proof of status when requesting this discount. Free places A small number of free places are available and primarily intended for students, the unwaged and delegates from developing countries. If you feel that you would benefit from attending the Annual Public Health Forum and would like to be considered for a free place, please apply in writing stating your reasons for application.