CONWISE - Conference for an Ontario Network of Women in Science & Engineering (CONWISE2007)

Venue: The University of Western Ontario

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: Mar 02, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 04, 2007
Early Registration Date: Dec 15, 2006
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The proposed CONWISE is an informal, interactive conference to encourage a supportive and informative network among women in Ontario science and engineering programs. The event hopes to encourage women in science & engineering programs to share ideas and experiences in a friendly, social atmosphere, while learning about other people and studies, creating a closer network of peers than exists at present. The 1st CONWISE event, held in London, Ontario, will encourage networking among students of universities (plus related colleges), and the young women of London-area high schools, as well as encouraging the interactions among various science and engineering studies offered by Ontario schools.

CONWISE intends to provide a valuable outlet for interactive experience with new peers, which is important in the Ontario science community to encourage support among women scientists, while discouraging the severe competition that students often find overwhelming. The conference will pull groups of women together, breaking boundaries that keep the groups apart, including: form of education, level of education, specific schools, or the specific program of study.

From the conference, it is hopeful that every participant will walk away with a positive-reinforcing message that may inspire further ideas, hopes, and actions. Some particular messages that CONWISE would like to provide are:

(1) There are many women who are pursuing, and achieving, important and satisfying goals for themselves and in terms of their science;

(2) Though each individual is unique and not without their differences, a large group of women from different backgrounds (in terms of religion, culture, race, education, age, goals, financial status, etc.) can be successful in joining together as a group to support one another, each offering valuable opinions, ideas, and experiences to those with whom they interact- they may even find other people who share similar interests, experiences, and hobbies;

(3) Post-secondary education need not be a frightening, overwhelming, or discouraging experience as there are many women who are interested in helping others succeed in their goals;

(4) Women scientists are welcome in post-secondary programs and in the community;

(5) The idea of having an academic group to support women in the sciences and engineering is important to encourage women to stay in their studies, rather than succumbing to intimidation and pressures, as women are strong and as capable as their male counterparts, able to provide powerful insights, points of view, and studies to further scientific endeavors; and,

(6) Although competition exists for several areas of scientific studies, it is important to remember that there is still fun to be had, and that taking time away from grades and stress is important to mental health and personal well-being, and can keep the study of science interesting, engaging, and awe-inspiring.

It is our hope that this conference will inspire Ontario students to network more closely among schools, putting aside our differences for a common goal. We also hope everyone will enjoy a new, fresh type of conference that combines social, volunteer, and academic endeavors via close interactions and, importantly, FUN!


Additional Information

Types of Events: Friday - Pub night, Night at the Observatory, Movie night Saturday - Breakfast, Volunteer Opportunities, Yoga, Self Defense, Forensics, Ultimate Frisbee, Focus On Panel, variety of fun speakers & lectures (like tango, Rocks with Roberta, Sex Psych, etc!) Sunday - Brunch, Open houses (Careers, Grad school, Entrepreneuship, Research project showcase) Registration: or use the paper version from the main conference site Cost: Fee until December 15, 2006 is $50. After that date, the fee will be raised to $75. Payment methods: We can accept Paypal (sent to , Canadian money order, or cheque in Canadian dollars made out to WISDOM.