IEEE Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES'2007)

Venue: Hotel Costa da Caparica

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Event Date/Time: Jul 04, 2007 End Date/Time: Jul 06, 2007
Registration Date: Feb 04, 2007
Early Registration Date: Feb 04, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 04, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Feb 04, 2007
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------------------------------------------------ SIES'2007 - IEEE Second Symposium on
Industrial Embedded Systems
July 4-6, 2007, Hotel Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal
Conference web site:
Sponsored by:
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
UNINOVA and Universidade Nova de Lisboa-FCT-DEE
The aim of the symposium is to bring together researchers and
practitioners from industry and academia and provide them with a
platform to report on recent developments, deployments, technology
trends and research results, as well as initiatives related to
embedded systems and their applications in a variety of industrial

Embedded Systems: Design and Validation of Embedded Systems;
Real-Time Issues; Models of Embedded Computation and Formal
Methods; HW/SW Co-Design; Design and Verification Languages;
Operating Systems and Quasi-Static Scheduling; Timing and
Performance Analysis; Power Aware Embedded Computing;
Adaptive Embedded Systems; Security in Embedded Systems
System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip Design & Testing: Design of
Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors; Design and
Programming of Embedded Multiprocessors; SoC Communication and
Architectures; NoC Communication and Architectures; Design of
SoC/NoC; Platform-Based Design for Embedded Systems;
Reconfigurable Platforms; Multiprocessor SoC Platforms and Tools;
Testing of Embedded Core-based Integrated Circuits.
Networked Embedded Systems: Design Issues for Networked Embedded;
Middleware Design and Implementation for Networked Embedded
Systems; Self Adaptive Networked Entity Sensor Networks:
Architectures, Energy-Efficient Medium Access Control, Time
Synchronization Issues, Distributed Localization Algorithms,
Routing, Distributed Signal Processing, Security.
Embedded Applications: Industrial Automation and Controls;
Automotive Applications; Avionics Applications; Building
Automation and Control; Power (Sub-)Station Automation and
Control; Intelligent Sensors, etc. – design, maintenance,
fault tolerance & dependability, networks, infrastructure,
safety and security.
- Long Papers - limited to 8 double column pages.
- Industry Practice – limited to 8 double column pages.
- Work-in-Progress – limited to 4 double column pages.

Long papers
Deadline for submission of long papers: February 4, 2007
Notification of acceptance for long papers: March 18, 2007
Final manuscripts due for long papers: April 22, 2007
Work-in-Progress and Industry Practice
Deadline for submission of WIP & IP papers: April 1, 2007
Notification of acceptance of WIP and IP papers: April 22, 2007
Final manuscripts due for WIP & IP papers: May 6, 2007

To enhance the technical program and focus on specific topics and
areas, the SIES'2007 Symposium will include special sessions, in
addition to regular ones. Special sessions can cover subjects or
cross-subjects belonging to the topics of interest, or novel topics
related with the ones identified within the topics of interest.
Special sessions can also have the drive from specific R&D projects
or clusters of projects, namely EU-sponsored R&D projects.


SIES’2007 General Co-Chairs:
Luis Gomes, Univ. Nova Lisboa, Portugal
Eric Dekneuvel, I3S/UNSA , France

SIES’2007 Program Co-Chairs:
José Barata, Univ. Nova Lisboa, Portugal
Nicolas Navet, Loria, France
Tei-Wei Kuo, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

SIES’2007 Work in Progress Co-Chairs:
Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Italy
Marcian Cirstea, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

SIES’2007 Industry Liaison Committee
Andrea Andenna, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland
Armando Walter Colombo, Schneider Electric, Germany
Joao Miguel Fernandes (chair), Univ. Minho, Portugal
Vladimir Oplustil, UNIS, Czech Replublic
Jianli Xu, Nokia, Finland

SIES’2007 International Advisory Committee
Charles Andre, I3S/UNSA, France
Giuseppe Buja, University of Padova, Italy
Carlo Cecati, University of L'Aquila, Italy
Carlos Couto, University of Minho, Portugal
Paul Drews, APS - European Centre for Mechatronics, Germany
Leopoldo Franquelo, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
A. Steiger Garção, Univ. Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
J. David Irwin, Auburn University, USA
Karel Jezernik, Uni. Maribor, Slovenia
Hermann Kopetz, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Ian Phillips, ARM, UK
Juan Pimentel, Kettering University, USA
Francoise Simonot-Lion, LORIA, France
P. S. Thiagarajan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Bogdan Wilamosvski, Auburn University, USA
Alex Yakovlev, Univ. Newcastle, UK
Jing Bing Zhang, SIMTech, Singapore
Richard Zurawski (Chair), ISA Group., USA

SIES’2007 Publicity Committee
Luis Almeida, Univ. Aveiro, Portugal
Ricardo Machado, Univ. Minho, Portugal
José Carlos Metrôlho, I.P.Castelo Branco, Portugal
Christer Norstrom, Mälardalen University, Sweden

SIES Series Steering Committee
Eric Dekneuvel, I3S/UNSA , France
Luis Gomes, Univ. Nova Lisboa, Portugal (chair)
James C. Hung, Univ. of Tennessee, USA
Richard Zurawski, ISA Group., USA

SIES’2007 Publication Chair
João Paulo Barros, ESTIG/UNL/UNINOVA, Portugal

SIES’2007 Local Organizing Committee:
Anikó Costa, UNL/UNINOVA, Portugal
Regina Frei, Univ. Nova Lisboa, Portugal
Luis Gomes, UNL/UNINOVA, Portugal
Rodolfo Oliveira, UNL/UNINOVA, Portugal
Rui Pais, ESTIG/UNL/UNINOVA, Portugal
Rui Tavares, UNL/UNINOVA, Portugal


Costa da Caparica