Internet Security Training Workshop 2007

Venue: Blacksburg

Location: Blacksburg, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 05, 2007
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This advanced course is perfect for the diligent student conversant with Linux System Administration, Windows System Administration, TCP/IP, and Intrusion Detection Methodologies. If you are just beginning in information security, this course is not appropriate for you as the basics of the Linux and Windows operating systems are not covered in this program.

Unpatched, unprotected computers connected to the Internet are being compromised in 3 days or less. The Blaster Worm proves systems behind a firewall can become the victim of a successful attack. Security professionals must master a variety of operating systems, investigation techniques, incident response tactics, and even legal issues. Learn forensic techniques and tools in a lab-style, hands-on setting for both Windows and Linux investigations. This course emphasizes a "try-it-by-hand" approach so that any student attending will take with them a solid grasp of how open source and commercial forensic tools complete their tasks, without having to merely have faith in the tool. This is accomplished by teaching the fundamental concepts of computer forensics in a tool-independent manner. A sample of topics includes:

- Core Forensic Filesystems Knowledge
- Incident Response
- Forensic Preparation
- Windows Forensics
- Unix and Linux Forensics
- Data Recovery and Analysis
- Malicious Code Analysis
- Law Enforcement Interaction and Case Law
- Corporate and Managerial Legal Concerns and Direction
- The Honeynet Project's Forensic Challenge

Who Should Attend:
- System administrators and incident handling personnel who are looking for an integration of forensics and investigative methodologies and legal issues
- Anyone who wants to understand the technical side of incident response
- Anyone who wants to learn how to image and analyze Windows and Linux systems involved in an investigation
- Anyone who wants to learn how to forensically recover and analyze data without relying on a tool to automatically accomplish the task
- Anyone who wants to learn how filesystems are structured and store their data so that they can understand where evidence exists on any type of hard drive