Customer Retention & Acquisition Strategies (Customer)

Venue: Southern Sun JHB International

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Event Date/Time: Mar 28, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 30, 2007
Registration Date: Mar 20, 2007
Early Registration Date: Mar 20, 2007
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As a business person you know that the success of your product, service and company largely depends on your customer; the person you are servicing; the person who determines your revenue. Without your customers you would not have a business.

However, certain companies do not prioritize their energy and money into developing successful customer retention and acquisition strategies; strategies which ultimately improve your profit margins significantly. In order to implement a successful customer-centric strategy, you as a business decision maker need to:
- understand how to really get to know your target market and what they need
- know which marketing, advertising/branding strategies need to be implemented so that they reflect your market need
- know which customer strategies would work well relative to your current business model
- use your customers as positive assets in order to enlarge your bottom-line profits

At Customer Relationship and Acquisition Strategies 2007 hear about the successful and innovative customer retention and acquisition strategies from top South African speakers and industry leaders such as iKineo, iBurst, ABSA, Virgin Mobile, Internet Solutions and Knowledge Factory.

IIR’s Customer Relationship and Acquisition Strategies 2007 provides a platform where you as a business leader can identify the current challenges and opportunities facing your retention and acquisition strategies.
The event’s sessions will provide you with insight into:
- customer research techniques and their advantages
- how to implement innovative retention and acquisition programmes which are complementary to your unique business
- what the emerging ‘killer’ CRM technologies are and their functionalities
- across-industry, customer-centric business models that have proven to be successful and profitable
- the possible costs of successful customer retention and acquisition system implementations
By attending the event you can find a way to increase your revenue through a customer-centric business approach!

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Expert speakers at the Customer Relationship and Acquisition Strategies 2007 conference include:
- Dr Pieter Steyn-ABSA
- Ed Hall- iBurst
- Raelene Tradonsky- Internet Solutions
- Manoj Papa- South African Airways
- Tristao Abro- Virgin Mobile
- Joshin Raghubar- iKineo
- Suben Moodley- Knowledge Factory
- Danie Malan-Research in Action
- Leigh Murray- React Surveys
- Naomi Paul- Market Tree
- Brian Hopkins-Brainbox
- Wayne Macmillan- Crylic Business Solutions


Johannesburg International Airport
South Africa

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