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There is no doubt that pharmaceutical companies are now more than ever seeking services that offer greater innovation in the commercialisation process. Coupled with profound market insight, pharmaceutical companies must employ a meticulous and exact marketing strategy in order to maximise the chances of success of both their RX and OTC products. Furthermore, with many best selling drugs coming off-patent, the transitional challenges facing many well known products provides big Pharma with a substantial headache to which they must no-the-less find the suitable marketing-driven cure.

Given the decline in new Blockbuster drugs, the onus is now increasingly on secondary products to provide the lifeline for pharmaceutical companies to survive. In a highly crowded marketplace however, success is wholly dependent upon the utilisation of finely tuned marketing science that incorporates branding distinction, perfectly weighted product lifecycle management, and the foresight to predict future trends in consumer and physician multi-media utilisation.

It is undoubtedly a very exciting and profitable time for marketers specialising in the Pharmaceutical sector. The new era of global commercialisation has proven that the Pharmaceutical industry needs to constantly and accurately tailor multi-national marketing and branding strategies to national and regional markets while at the same time abiding by increasingly stringent regional regulatory frameworks.

In an industry where profits are exceptionally high, the rewards of success are dependent upon diligent planning, delivery, and precise execution with strategic partners that understand the intricacies of the pharmaceutical market and the nature of the increasingly capricious consumer psyche.