International Direct Writing Conference 2007 (IDWCon'07)

Venue: Ramside Hall Hotel

Location: Durham, Co. Durham, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Apr 16, 2007 End Date/Time: Apr 17, 2007
Registration Date: Apr 16, 2007
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Direct Writing is an exciting new type of manufacturing which works by adding one or more materials either to create original products from scratch, or to add new functions or properties to existing products. By the innovative combining of different technologies, Direct Writing allows things to be created which would be impossible to make by any other method.

Examples of what people in the field of Direct writing are actually doing or are about to do include:

• Medical researchers working closely with surgeons have successfully developed Direct Writing techniques to ‘print’ three dimensional bone-like structures to surgically replace damaged or missing bone. These structures can be infused with living cells so that they will begin to grow when implanted in the body and are made of materials which slowly and harmlessly dissolve as the new bone grows to take its place. Similar techniques have been developed for other tissues like cartilage and skin.
• Pharmaceutical companies can use Direct Writing technologies to create tablets with combinations and dosages of drugs unique to an individual – instead of taking 20 tablets to get the correct combination, patients can take just one tablet customised to their exact requirements.
High performance engineering:
• In motor sport, Formula One teams have already successfully used Direct Writing methods to ‘print’ electrical wiring directly onto the surfaces of the tub and suspension of their racing car to connect the electronics systems and sensors - thus reducing the weight of normal wiring looms.
• In aerospace the Direct Writing of wiring, sensors and output devices directly onto the surface of a fighter pilots helmet making it much lighter and ‘smarter’ has already been achieved
• Research groups have already successfully demonstrated Direct Writing techniques to move individual atoms around on a substrate to create ‘machines’ which can function at the atomic or molecular level.
Consumer Electronics:
• Many projects are working on scaling-up the manufacture of complete electronic products by Direct Writing electronic components (resistors, capacitors, LED s, etc.) and their connecting ‘wiring’ onto a circuit board in a single process – thereby saving time and energy in the manufacturing process and allowing flexibility and customisation of products to unheard of levels
• By the Direct Writing of concrete-like materials (in layers carefully controlled by computers) wall for buildings can be directly created from the ground up with spaces for doors and windows and channels for wiring and plumbing, etc. ‘programmed’ in, thus making construction more environmentally friendly by reducing build time, energy used and waste.

If these examples fire your imagination and you need to hear more, or you believe Direct Writing may help to solve a problem that your industry has or if you just wish to keep up to date with the latest developments, you should be seriously thinking about attending the 2007 International Direct Writing conference


Co. Durham
United Kingdom

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