Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Apr 26, 2007 End Date/Time: Apr 28, 2007
Registration Date: Apr 01, 2007
Early Registration Date: Feb 28, 2007
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Where Fields Meet

The title of our international conference ‘Where Fields Meet’ suggests more than one meaning.

A ‘Field’ refers to a given sphere and its patterns. You may think of a physical area, a magnetic field or the field of gravity, or the ancient concept of the Tao as a field with lines of force called dragon lines.

Popularly, ‘field’ also means an area of focus and work, such as ‘the field of psychotherapy’ or ‘the field of physics’ or ‘the field of sports education’.

Process Oriented Psychology has its own field of research, theories and applications while being part of the larger field of psychology. It is also part of the fields of Mind-Body Studies, Organizational development, Conflict resolution, and more.

Carl Jung predicted that quantum physics and psychology would someday meet. Arny Mindell, originally a physicist and Jungian analyst developed Process Oriented Psychology describing a field model that links physics and psychology.

This model approaches the infinite variety of human experiences with the finding that a ‘dreaming’ field structures or patterns emerging processes in us as individuals, in relationship and in community. Its methods accurately follow and bring awareness into this dreaming field, discovering potential creative tendencies in even the most unexpected and difficult experiences. Fields are inherently creative, sentient, non-local and non-temporal, (appearing in more than one place and time). We may sense fields first as subtle feelings and tendencies, before they reach our perception and behavior more explicitly.

Fields are often associated with spirituality; while indigenous tribes of many countries have consistently named them as their source of spirituality, many physicists have described a spiritual dimension to their research into fields. (Einstein, Pauli, Bohm, and others)

Many of us may have learned about Aboriginal Australians’ concept of the dreaming and dreaming land. Many indigenous cultures relate to the interconnectedness of all things, and to the earth and its spirits to guide their interactions and decisions. The precursors of modern western cultures have also had their way of relating to the spirits they felt were inherent to the environment they lived in. Modern western culture is in the process of discovering how alienation and polarization from our deepest sentient being affects our lives, environment, bodies, and spirits.

The tools and skills of Process Oriented Psychology involve accurately following and bringing awareness to emerging processes within individuals and groups, and connecting with the sentient dreaming field emerging through us. Mindell reflects on what other scientists also postulate – that fields are creative and complex with an innate orientation, direction and sense of meaning.

During this conference ‘Where Fields Meet’, many of the underlying concepts such as the dreaming field or Dreambody; ‘dreaming up’ (an expansion of notions of counter-transference in depth psychology ); Double Signals and Roles; Deep Democracy and more… will be presented in relation to their application to a wide range of fields. An international group of practitioners will present their research and work in the areas of working with people who have extreme states with psychiatric diagnosis; altered states and addictions; working with comatose states and palliative care, working with community forums in town meetings, and in war torn environments; working with organizational development, and with groups who have been marginalized, such as the homeless, or people with labels of learning disabilities.

The final schedule for this rich conference is being designed as we write. We welcome you. Please visit the corresponding page to find out more about the presentations and discussions.

For the organizing team…

Jean-Claude Audergon

January 2007, Thoiry France


Malet Street
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