Event Date/Time: May 19, 2007 End Date/Time: May 19, 2007
Registration Date: May 15, 2007
Early Registration Date: Mar 14, 2007
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Insights into the Conference Theme
We live in a world of boundaries and borders — geographic borders, disciplinary boundaries, and intellectual territories. Competing paradigms, cultural jargon, and alternative frameworks sometimes divide us — as do perspectives, contexts, politics, values, and experiences. These differences affect our abilities to communicate but in a positive perspective they also provide opportunities for crossbreeding our differences and the possibility to obtain a "better" individual by combining the virtues of the new ways, the diverse experiences and perspectives we share in our communities.

Boundaries and borders are human constructions and are often functional. While they sometimes create barriers to mutual understanding and communications, crossing borders and spanning boundaries can offer opportunities for new syntheses and creative partnerships. In the interest of furthering the legacy of Dr. Ralph Smedley, the theme for the 2007 Toastmasters District 52 Spring Conference is:

Viva Toastmasters
Celebrating a New Breed of Toastmasters

The Conference Theme will be carried in presentations featuring the broad and diverse ways in which effective communication is challenged across borders and boundaries. Diversity is also a portmanteau [a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings; "'smog' is a blend of 'smoke' and 'fog'"] concept insofar as it highlights that we do live in very “Diverse” “Cities”. The conference will be structured around the following sub-themes:


The goal of District 52 is to provide quality educational programs to its membership during the Fall and Spring Conferences. We will offer opportunities that will promote the educational interests of our members and assist them in maximizing the full benefit of their Toastmaster membership.


Opening doors to speaking success by focusing on ways to hone communication and leadership skills is one of the main goals of the conference. Our Conference aims at surpassing disciplinary and social challenges by eliminating barriers to effective communication and use the knowledge to uphold the global Toastmasters mission. Expanding the legacy through diversity means exploring creative ways to which educational opportunities improve learning through:

Promoting positive club experiences and expanding the community of Toastmasters with like goals
Networking and collaborating with the Toastmasters community of people dedicated to implementing solutions to effective worldwide communication
Reinforcing our commitment to making a difference and succeeding on a personal, organizational, and global level

Conference Objectives

1. To provide a forum for addressing the various aspects of Diversity and its impact on effective communication.

2. To share knowledge of accomplished workshop speakers, create understanding, and integrate the wisdom in our communication methodologies.

3. To provide a platform via our Evaluation and International Speech Contests that will showcase the speaking talents of our District 52 Toastmasters and exhibit pride in mastering the life-long skill of effective public speaking.

4. To salute our District 52 Achievers in the “Walk of Fame” ceremony.

5. To confer a Communication and Leadership Award to an exemplary member of our community who has demonstrated proficiency as an outstanding communicator and community leader and is not a member of Toastmasters.


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Additional Information

Conference Highlights Welcome First Timers Meet Toastmasters from all across the District International Director’s address Keynote Speaker giving overview on Expanding Dr. Smedley’s legacy through Diversity. Plenary Speakers sharing their knowledge and future directions of a range of topical subject matters on improving our members’ communication skills. Evaluation and International Speech Contests Walk of Fame, Recognition of District 52 “Stars” Fiesta Banquet District Council Meeting Bookstore Introduction of International Director Candidates Elections 2007-2008 District Executive Council Auctions and Raffle