Combating Organised Crime

Venue: Johannesburg

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Event Date/Time: Mar 14, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 16, 2007
Early Registration Date: Feb 09, 2007
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On 27 September 2006, the South African Police Service (SAPS) released South African crime statistics for the first time since 2004, which indicates that there is still an upward spiral in the prevalence of certain crimes in South Africa, such as cash heists, hijackings, drug trafficking and more.
Cash heists in South Africa are becoming increasingly violent and the police are failing to control and identify the mastermind syndicates behind these operations. Drug trafficking is also now a big priority for the SAPS as it is spreading amongst the youth of today and attracting cross-border crime syndicate operations. Furthermore, these syndicates are becoming more devious in obtaining funding for their crimes, often targeting banks or innocent victims in sophisticated cyber crimes operated by international gangs. Phishing, 419 scams and other white collar crimes are rife in Southern Africa. What is being done to combat the proliferation of organised crime syndicates in South Africa? Much controversy surrounds this issue, with speculation of key government officials often being involved.
• Is the current justice system sufficient in combating organised crime?
• How are drugs being transported across and between African borders?
• Who is behind the surge in fraudulent and legitimate truck hijackings?
• What information is being provided in combating and tracking down money laundering and cyber crime?
• How are syndicates able to obtain valuable information to help them achieve their goals in performing these crimes?
• What international syndicates are operating in South Africa, and how can they be profiled?
• How can partnerships with the international and African community be improved in the fight against organised crimes?
IQPC is hosting the COMBATING ORGANISED CRIME conference at the CSIR Convention Centre, Pretoria, South Africa on 14, 15, 16 March 2007. This is your opportunity to meet representatives from the police, law enforcement and security agencies, insurance, banking and other crime-busting organisations and share a platform to find solutions to the challenges of combating organised crime. Attend this event and get the opportunity to be part of one platform where decisions will be made and ideas put forward.
“I want to challenge you,” said Susan Shabangu (Deputy Minister, Department of Safety and Security) . “What is it that can stop us from fighting those few individuals who have brought terror to our country? “It took all of us to fight apartheid, and I believe that today we need that same energy. Let us use the anger and energy we felt in 1976 to now fight individuals who are hell-bent on inflicting fear in our communities. “We can turn anger into success and take back our streets and our lives. No one is going to enslave and imprison me in my own area,” Shabangu added. – Source The Star, 21 November 2006

Don’t miss this event that brings together representatives from: South African Police Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Organisations, Government Departments, Banks and Financial Institutions & Motor Industry Representatives