Event Date/Time: Mar 13, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 14, 2007
Registration Date: Mar 13, 2007
Early Registration Date: Feb 07, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Feb 18, 2007
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The conference will bring together researchers, academics and industry practitioners who are involved or interested in the design and development of Wireless and Mobile Learning Technologies.

It will also help in understanding of the challenges faced in providing technology tools to support the learning process and ease the creation of instruction material using mobile technologies will help building a direction for further research and implementation work.
We will approach Ministries, Mobile Service Providers, Mobile Device Manufacturers, Associations, Universities, Banks and those in this industries to support this initiative. The Government of Malaysia also is promoting ICT and content creation.

LTT Global in association with IPD-OUM, Government Bodies and the Private Sector, will bring together :our local and international communities of policy and decision makers, academics educators, developers, publishers, NGOs’ and manufacturers; those experienced in the use of mobile technologies and those who are new to it, to share and expand knowledge of how the use of mobile and pervasive technologies will lead to a positive, transformational change for teaching and learning where the learner is placed at the centre and where every learner matters.

The Conference And Exhibition Running Concurrently Over 3 Days Will Also Present Exceptional Opportunities
Exhibition Day 1 to Day 2
Conference Day 2 and Day3
Workshop Day 3 FREE Software From Hotlava Software, USA worth RM1,000++

Mobile Learning, still in the infancy stage both locally and globally. To date the research and development has generated much interest and discussion in the financial, logistical or technical aspects
The unique attributes of wireless mobile devices by creating new learning opportunities was made possible by mobile technology.

The state of the art and ever increasing availability of wireless portable devices eg., laptops, palmtops, mobile phones, PDA, smart phones, etc and enhanced infrastructure and navigational services by the mobile service providers eg., 2G-3G, WAP, GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN ,GPRS, etc have provided a rich environment for the proliferation of mobile learning applications. The development of mobile applications and the availability of devices offer substantial potential to support and enable learning and teaching processes on portable mobile devices will be presented, accompanied by experimentations to demonstrate their coherence and feasibility.

The Mobile Learning and Edutainment Conference 2007 aims to provide a forum for presenting and discussing cutting edge research and development in mobile learning. In particular empirical research informed by theories of learning approaches which are well suited for mobile learning experiences and scenarios, is encouraged. Furthermore, given the continuous developments in technology, the conference aims to generate speculative debate in relation to where the field may be going.

We invite researchers, practitioners, developers and all those working in the mobile learning arena to submit papers on the following topics:

Pedagogical approaches and theories for mLearning
Collaborative, cooperative and Contextual mLearning
Creativity and mLearning
Gaming and simulations in mLearning
mLearning in educational institutions: primary, secondary and third level
Informal and Lifelong mLearning
mLearning in developing countries
New tools, technologies and platforms for mLearning
User Studies in mLearning
The social phenomenon of mobile devices and mLearning
Speculative ideas in mLearning: where next?
An academic conference is itself an exercise in learning. Accordingly, proposals as to how mobile technology can enhance the conference experience are invited.


Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur