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In terms of the industry applications, kiosks are deployed in five major sectors:retail,government, banking & finance, tourism & transportation, and gaming/entertainment industry. A professional market survey made by Frost & Sullivan shows that kiosks around the world are most distributed in the retail sector. With regard to the application ratio of kiosks in 2003, Europe and USA are still dominant areas for kiosk applications. Though Asia-pacific area takes a small part in the deployment of kiosks, only 9% of the total global amount, with a notable overall development, it bears the greatest potential for self-service improvement. In 2001, Amway China introduced the first kiosk system into its 160 stores in China and as investigated, in North America, among companies which have annual revenue of over $5 billion, 42% has invested in kiosks in 2005; among the companies which has annual revenue between $1 billion and 5 billion, 35% has relevant budget for kiosks; while for companies with annual revenue lower than $1 billion, the percentage is 18%. In 2006, 72% medium-sized and large companies all over the world deployed kiosks. Walmart will deploy new photo kiosk in its 1000 supermarkets in the future as is stated in the long-term contract signed between Kodak in America and Walmart Company. A recent report from BCC Research shows a growth spurt in self-service, which specialists predict will double from $11.3 billion in 2005 to more than $24 billion in 2010.

We will ally with domestic and overseas renowned kiosk manufacturers, operators and service providers, etc., and reinforce the close cooperation with the worldwide industry associations to promote actively the development of commercial self-service market and to create the largest platform for self-service products transaction and news releases, and we are committed to forging a top-level professional self-service & kiosk exhibition with the international brand effect.


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