Event Date/Time: Feb 01, 2007
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In the drive for better airframes and engines, joining plays a key role in making effective and efficient roducts. This event will focus on the latest changes in joining (both metallic and composite) materials against the demands of the industry. New techniques and their implications will be considered as well as developments to existing processes.

Would especially benefit designers, manufacturers, researchers, university departments.

Joining opportunities and challenges in modern Aeroengines
Back to the future - Joining Technologies for military airframes
Development, Application and Challenges for joining in commercial aircraft
Stress Engineering - control of Residual Stresses and distortion in welding
Electron Beam welding of Crack-sensitive Nickel Super Alloy MAR-M-02
Joining of Composite Materials Comeld™ and thermoplastic Composites welding
Friction Stir Welding at EADS-Applications and Prospects
Fabricated Titanium Structures by Laser Welding and Hot forming
Aerospace Applications of Linear Friction welding
Small Electric Unmanned Air Vehicles


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