Mind/Body Healing Therapies- A Clinical Training Program for Professionals (Mind/Body Healing Th)

Venue: New York Open Center

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 29, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 01, 2007
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Recent advances in somatic and integral psychotherapy have revolutionized current thinking about the resolution of trauma, painful patterns of thought and destructive emotions. A new view is emerging which sees symptoms of suffering as the body’s wisdom creating communication between the unconscious and the aware self to promote somatic re-learning, healing and transformation.

This cutting-edge program provides a rare opportunity for sustained education in somatic psychology. It will be taught by psychotherapist Ronald Alexander, a renowned pioneer in mind/body therapies who leads professional trainings and clinical supervision groups in Gestalt-relational therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis and other integrated modalities throughout the world and is a long-time teacher of meditation and Buddhist psychology.

The training will include clinical demonstrations, practicum, theory and the teaching of clinical skills to support practitioners to become more creative and resourceful when treating trauma, pain, and mood and somatic disorders. The modalities we will use for developing clinical skills and deepening our own healing process will include: body-centered psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, relational psychoanalytic approaches, Buddhist psychology, mindfulness-based practices, non-dual meditation and other mind/body healing methods for accessing the somatic “core-self.”

We will place special emphasis on the rapid treatment of trauma and psychosomatic disorders with Ericksonian and solution-focused hypnosis and somatic psychotherapy, highly effective techniques that understand the importance of the symptom as a pathway to inner healing. We will learn to use the symptom to access the unconscious and its healing inner resources with hypnotic trance, storytelling and metaphor as well as the use of framing and reframing.

This training program is open to all psychologists, psychotherapists and healthcare professionals as well as those individuals involved in education, the healing arts, holistic health, psychology and behavioral medical approaches. It will take place over a period of eight months in three three-day workshops (modules). Although each module can be taken independently, those taking all three modules will earn a certificate in Clinical Training in Mind Body Healing Therapies.

The three modules are:

1. The Future of the Body • Ericksonian and Solution-Focused Hypnosis • Somatic Psychotherapies • The Skillful Intervention

Ericksonian mind-body, solution-focused and somatic therapeutic methods to activate creative unconscious healing; utilizing the symptom to access the unconscious; the body as the vessel of awakened intelligence; using storytelling, healing metaphors, and rapid trance induction for the healing of somatic imbalances.

Thursday–Saturday, March 29–31, 10am–5pm


2. Mapping the Body-Mind: Contemporary Gestalt-Analytic Approaches

Handling psychotherapeutic resistance (Gestalt awareness work – the dialogical approach), field theory, attachment issues and the neurobiology of trauma and healing. Developing an integral approach to the therapeutic process; Integral psychotherapy (the work of Ken Wilber); contemporary relational and inter-subjective psychoanalytic approaches; Ron Alexander’s microanalysis and the micro-analytic method; contemporary psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, Buddhist psychology and Ericksonian approaches to mapping the psyche.

Thursday–Saturday, July 12–14, 10am–5pm


3. Transforming Emotions: Energy Psychology, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy & Somatic Flow States

Developing creative clinical skills for working through trauma, relational and self disorders; transforming somatic blocks and destructive emotions; accessing the creative unconscious using breath and awareness work; antidote remedies for working with mental afflictions; calming the mind and learning to promote optimal states of creativity, wellness and happiness through mindfulness training and the Buddhist psychological/non-dual therapeutic approach.

Thursday–Saturday, November 29–December 1, 10am–5pm



83 Spring Street
New York
New York
United States

Additional Information

A NINE-DAY TRAINING IN THREE MODULES March 29-December 1st Price: Members $1030/ Nonmembers $1080/ Individual Modules: Members $360/ Nonmembers $390 For additional information or to register please call 212-219-2527 x 2