Pharmaceutical Patents and its Affects on Generic Market

Venue: Istanbul

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Event Date/Time: Mar 16, 2007
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Background for the Seminar:
Western pharmaceutical companies now defend their brands very aggressively. As the number of NCEs coming to market shrinks, the importance of defending a blockbuster product increases and multinationals are becoming more active in finding ways to deter generic competition.

Many of the defence strategies involve the use of patents and data exclusivity to protect leading products. It is therefore vital to understand the importance of these topics in order to be prepared for potential barriers to the introduction of a generic copy of a major brand. These issues have a direct impact on the regulatory and commercial strategies of any planned generic launch and making a mistake can lead to expensive consequences.

Why should attend? :
Intellectual property is a major factor in Western generic markets and a major defence tool for branded companies

The way in which patents and data exclusivity interconnect is potentially very complicated and hard to understand

Local variations at a national level mean that there is not just one solution that works everywhere across Europe

An understanding of these issues is vital for companies wanting to enter these markets

The costs of making a mistake can be very high in legal costs and delays in reaching the market

This seminar will highlight the major issues in Europe and the USA and provide you with a good basic understanding

It will help you to avoid expensive pitfalls and costly mistakes and delays