Event Date/Time: Apr 23, 2007 End Date/Time: Apr 24, 2007
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The Web is in motion! It's about conversations, interpersonal networking, personalization, and individualism. The need for immediacy, interactivity, and community, combined with new and light-weight technologies are changing the social structure of the Web. The Next Generation Web is about getting associated with openness, trust, authenticity and collaboration. Interactivity, new possibilities to connect, social software, usability, and community networking are fast catching up with users. This new buzz is generating fresh and exciting projects. The latest buzzword is Web 2.0, and the event for anyone seeking to stay on top of this buzz is Webinale 2.0!
Are you in a dilemma finding solutions to your questions? Where do I find specific perspectives sans the hype? What are the possible methodologies and how can I implement them in my projects? Who can show me how to use the opportunities and solve the problems? What does the future of the World Wide Web (WWW) looks like? Which parts of this Buzz are just gadgets that cannot persist in every day reality?
Webinale 07 is transferring the knowledge for the Next Generation Web! Find your answers here! Become part of the movement and gather all the information you need to become successful on the Web 2.0 platform.
Stack Up with Info 2.0 at Webinale 07
Webinale 07 is positioned as a platform that will enable the Next Generation Web for you. Top-notch speakers who will not only demonstrate the best Practices, but also guide you along the way will deliver cutting-edge sessions. Information that you gather at Webinale 07 will be most relevant for your day-to-day projects.


1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore