Event Date/Time: May 28, 2007 End Date/Time: Jun 01, 2007
Registration Date: Mar 25, 2007
Early Registration Date: Feb 28, 2007
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The African Utility Week’s unique training, networking and discussion platforms will demonstrate how utilities can be more efficient and offer cost-effective services through improved infrastructure maintenance, load management, delivery and revenue management choices.

This has become the annual forum for African and international experts to come together and discuss strategies as well as technical improvements to the power, water and gas industry.

New elements add diversity to the event, bringing new partners and stakeholders together to increase and improve the communication between all parties within the sector as well as to the consumer:

• International Prepayment Week
• Power Lifestyle Smart living Expo
• Carbon trading and CDM meetings and workshops

The programme includes a number of well-supported annual events under one roof – within one week – encompassing the following elements:
• Metering, Billing /CRM Africa 2007
• International Prepayment Week incorporating South African Prepayment Week
(including the Prepayment Innovation Award)
• The Southern African Power Industry Convention 2007 (including the Power Station Manager of the year Award)
• ESCO Africa
• AMR and Infrastructure Technical Study Tours
• Power Generation and Transmission Technical tours
• Demand side management Energy efficiency tours
• Workshops
• Associations’ annual general meetings

Metering, Billing and CRM/CIS Africa 2007 will be in its ninth year and will highlight the latest strategic and technological developments in the metering, billing and CRM/CIS industry for electricity, water and gas utilities, where stakeholders can meet, share common experiences, give project updates and discover solutions to address the challenges.

This event has previously taken place in Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Cairo, Nigeria and Cape Town and has established itself as the annual meeting for the African customer-end technology sector. It forms part of the global series of metering, billing and CRM/CIS events which take place annually in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Africa and the Americas. More details can be obtained from www.metering.com/events.

International Prepayment Week– incorporating South African Prepayment Week 2007 – will tackle the world of prepayment, and this year there will be far more of an international focus on prepayment. New pilot projects, system integration, deployment systems, best technologies, vending options and a strong focus on customer services will be explored.
Case studies from North and South America will be included in the programme and a focused session on combined utility vending and the integration of systems will be highlighted and discussed.

International prepayment week will provide and inside perspective on and how nations handle the integration of systems and how they see prepayment developing in the metering future. These sessions will provide a forum for the electricity and water sectors and telecommunications to meet and discuss new and improved technologies, exchange ideas and how to go about choosing a prepayment system for the correct situation and new trends on a global scale.

The Southern African Power Industry Convention 2007 is in its 5th year. As the demand for power and the need for improvement of current infrastructure in Africa grows, so do significant business opportunities continually emerge for world-class solutions providers.

The SAPIC programme will update the industry on the Southern African Power generation solutions, the plans that are being implemented, new tenders, cross border trading and the implementation of various technologies for generation. Transmission challenges will be addressed in more detail than in the past and electrification progress and projects will be scrutinized. There is no other African conference and exhibition that offers this level of contact with the industry’s key policy makers, buyers and sellers.
As part of the SAPIC, the Electro-Mechanical Expo will display the hardware behind the power industry, from switchgear, reclosers, substation equipment, circuit breakers, transformers and much more – including vendor briefings and workshops on the exhibition floor.

Participants will be given the opportunity to visit a number of Africa’s major power generation plants housed in Cape Town, which have extensive capabilities and use various technologies.

ESI Africa magazine will present the inaugural annual Power Station Manager of the year Award, nominated and voted for by industry peers.

2nd annual ESCO Africa 2007 is a forum consisting of a number of half-day and full-day workshops focusing on using the energy supplied with the present infrastructure more efficiently and more effectively. This track also includes energy management and audits, as well as international measurement and verification courses. The workshops will also extend to renewable energy, CDM projects, new CDM policies, renewable resources and the energy efficiency for the consumer.

The Power Lifestyle Smart Living Expo will provide end –users – i.e. facilities managers and business industrial, institutional and professional electricity users – with information , resources and tools that assist in reducing energy usage and saving money whilst assisting in setting a clear, optimum path to both energy cost control and energy supply security .This expo is designed to provide hands-on, up- to- the minute information that attendees can use right away to improve energy management and load reduction programmes.

Technical tours
Advance Meter Reading and infrastructure technical study tour
Separately book able AMR technical tour will take place during the event and will include site visits to a number of prepayment sites, AMR projects and some new planning infrastructure sites and systems within both Cape Town and Johannesburg area, while taking in some of the local tourist highlights. This tour will include hotels, buses and some of the meals during the week.

Power generation and transmission technical study tour
SAPIC attendees will have the opportunity to visit a number of Africa’s major power generation plants housed in Cape Town as well as being taken on informative and educational tours to many transmission lines, substations etc., which have extensive capabilities and use various technologies.