The International Conference on Desertification Control in the Arid Region (DCAR)

Venue: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Location: Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait

Event Date/Time: May 12, 2007 End Date/Time: May 15, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 31, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Apr 15, 2007
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Desertification has become one of the main global concerns today. It occurs due to impoverishment and depletion of vegetative cover and deterioration of physical, chemical and biological soil properties leading to loss of biological and economic productivity. Arid regions are most threatened by desertification. Although factors such as high temperatures, droughts and localized weather events contribute to desertification, in several instances, human activities are the main cause of degradation. In Kuwait also, desertification is one of the most serious ecological problems today. The main causes of desertification in Kuwait are harsh climatic conditions, increased human pressure, overgrazing, loss of physical and biological productivity of the soil due to Gulf war activities, and water and wind erosion of the soil. It is further accelerated by the inherent fragility of soils.
KISR is firmly committed to combating desertification by promoting sustainable use of natural resources, developing sustainable re-vegetation techniques and enhancing public awareness in the conservation of natural resources. It is also working with other regional and international organizations to utilize the available scientific tools to achieve this objective. Over the past three decades, Aridland Agriculture and Greenery Department (AAGD) at KISR has conducted several projects on characterization of desertification process, biodiversity conservation, rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and optimization of livestock husbandry practices. In continuation of these efforts, AAGD is proposing to organize an international conference to facilitate exchange of information among regional and international experts on various issues concerning desertification in the arid regions.


1. Bring together leading experts, policy makers and organizations, and share latest developments in desertification control and management of natural resources in the arid zones.
2. Bring forth and share Kuwait¡¦s experience in combating desertification and biodiversity conservation with leading experts and organizations
3. To identify constraints and obstacles in combating desertification in the arid region.
4. Review modern technologies and tools for controlling desertification and biodiversity conservation.
5. Prepare action plan for combating desertification in Kuwait and in the GCC countries.
6. Establish international linkage and promoting collaborative research and development projects in the region.


The main themes of the desertification Conference will be:
1. Desertification in GCC Countries (Country Paper)
2. Desert Biodiversity Conservation and Gene Bank Establishment
3. Modern Techniques for Combating Desertification and management of Natural Resources in Arid Zones
4. Re-vegetation of Degraded Ecosystems and Monitoring of Ecosystem Health
5. Plant Conservation Strategy for the Arabian Peninsula.

English will be the official language of the conference and symposium; however, efforts will be made to translate selected papers in to Arabic for the benefit participants from the industry/ local nurseries.


The Airdland Agriculture and Greenery Department of Food Resources Division will be responsible for organizing both the international desertification conference and the symposium. The Oral and poster sessions on different thematic areas will run concurrently. The preparation, editing and printing of the proceedings will begin immediately after the conference and completed within six months.


The scientific committee welcomes participation of scientists in areas related to desertification and re-vegetation of degraded ecosystems and scientific achievements related to the themes of the conference. Participants are required to submit abstracts in English that include objectives and briefing of scientific work and conclusion. Abstracts shouldn¡¦t exceed more than 300 words, and contain 3-5 key words.
Abstracts will be compiled and distributed during the conference. Papers presented in various sessions will be edited by international experts and published as proceedings. Proceedings will be mailed to all speakers and related institutions / organizations.
Abstracts should be sent to the following email:

And if you have any question please don¡¦t hesitate to send your query to:

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research- Aridland Agriculture and Greenery Department- INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON¡¨ DESERTIFICATION CONTROL IN THE ARID REGION¡¨

P.O. Box: 24885 Kuwait Safat 13109
Tel: 00965- 4989811
Fax: 00965- 4989809

The organizers will provide 1.0 X 2.0 m panel and other accessories for each approved poster



• Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research - KISR
• Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science - KFAS


• Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research - KISR
• Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science - KFAS
• Islamic development Bank - IDB
• United Nations Environment Program - UNEP

It is proposed to invite ten (five from USA and Europe, three from Arab Countries and two from GCC Countries) for the desertification conference and ten experts for the APSG symposium. These experts will deliver key note addresses in various sessions, participate in discussions and share their experiences for developing an action plan to be adapted for implementation in Kuwait. In addition, to encourage participation of young scientists and interested people, it is proposed to provide accommodation and meals for ten persons for the international conference and 40 persons from the Arabian Peninsula region for the symposium.

The program
Session I: Desertification in GCC Countries
Session II: Desert Biodiversity Conservation and Gene Bank Establishment
Session III: Modern Techniques for Combating Desertification
Session IV. Management of Natural resources in the Arid Regions
Session V. Revegetation of Degraded Ecosystems and Monitoring of Ecosystem Health
Session VI. Application of New Tools for Combating Desertification in Arid Regions


Kuwait Institute for scientific Research

Additional Information

REGISTRATION The registration fees will be as follows „X Individuals: KD 30 (US $ 100) „X Est.¡¦s/Co¡¦s: KD 50 (US$ 170) „X Delegates presenting accepted papers are exempted. Payable by cheque to: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research/ Desertification Conference Gulf Bank, Shuwaikh Branch, A/C No. 801004 The registration fee will cover conference attendance, daily lunch (during the conference), snacks, the opening and banquet ceremonies and abstract book. ENTRY VISA To issue an entry visa, please send copies of your passport (pages 1-6) by fax no. (+965) 4989319 or e-mail to before February 4, 2007.