Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps III

Venue: Towler Institute

Location: Vallico Sotto, Tuscany, Italy

Event Date/Time: Feb 27, 2007
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Continuing the tradition of alternative and very informal meetings at this venue, the Cambridge University Theory of Condensed Matter group is organizing a third International Workshop to discuss the development and application of the continuum quantum Monte Carlo method in condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry. The conference will take place in our 16th Century monastery in the high mountain village of Vallico Sotto (in the Tuscan Apuan Alps near the beautiful Italian city of Lucca). The normal format for these events involves formal presentations being restricted to the mornings, with the afternoons and evenings left free for relaxed discussion whilst participating in mountain walks and other healthy outdoor activities.

This year's conference will involve up to 30 people, all accommodated on site. Given the limited space most speakers will be specifically invited, but anybody who feels they have something to contribute and wishes to attend the event is very welcome to contact Mike Towler (mdt26 at cam.ac.uk) for further details.

Following suggestions from previous guests, the monastery's chapel will this year be the venue for a new venture : the 'TTI amateur evening concerts'. Participants with musical skills are encouraged to 'dust off their instruments' and take part. Anyone willing to donate a grand piano so that rising opera star Antonio Badinski can be properly accompanied please contact the TTI management, as should anyone with ideas about how to get it up the mountain.

Confirmed speakers
Dario Alfè (UCL, London)
Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard University)
Claudio Attaccalite (SISSA, Trieste)
Alexander Badinski (Cambridge University)
Dario Bressanini (UniversitĂ  dell'Insubria)
Ronald Cohen (Carnegie Institute of Washington)
Neil Drummond (Cambridge University)
Stephen Fahy (University of Cork)
Matthew Foulkes (Imperial College, London)
Rene Gaudoin (University of the Basque Country)
Richard Hennig (Cornell University)
Nick Hine (Imperial College)
Pablo Lopez Rios (Cambridge University)
Ryo Maezono (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Lubos Mitas (North Carolina State University)
Andrew Morris (Cambridge University)
Richard Needs (Cambridge University)
Stefano Paolini (INFM-Demoncritos NCS, Trieste)
Zoltan Radnai (Cambridge University)
Fernando Reboredo (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Mike Towler (Cambridge University)
John Trail (Cambridge University)
Lucas Wagner (University of California, Berkeley)
Ching-Ming Wei (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)