South-Eastern European Financial Forum 4th edition (SEEFF)

Venue: Bucharest

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Event Date/Time: May 14, 2007 End Date/Time: May 18, 2007
Registration Date: Apr 30, 2007
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The fourth edition of the Southeastern Europe Financial Forum aims to present the economic evolution during the post-accession era of countries from the first waves of European Union expansion: Spain, Ireland, Hungary, etc., which will be presented in case studies for the business environment and administrations from countries in Southeast Europe, as well as those which acceded 1 January 2007, and those which aspire to join the EU.
The event will offer valuable information for Romanian and International companies regarding business opportunities in the region, the possibility for regional extension, the evolution of primary economic indicators, etc.
Through the organization of this forum, with international participation, we hope to support the Bucharest’s metamorphosis into the most important center for economic-financial debates in Southeastern Europe.

No. of participants:
500 people,estimated for the 4 days of the event:, including participants from throughout the region (more than 10 countries in Southeastern Europe)

Bank representatives, non-banking financial institutions, consulting firms, law firms, large and medium-sized companies from Romania and the region, representatives of the central administration, economic research institutions; mass media (over 50 accredited journalists)


Additional Information

Monday, 14 May 2007 Official reception of the 4thSoutheast Europe Financial Forum Tuesday, 15 May 2007 The post-accession evolution of the capital markets in Romania and Bulgaria. New investment instruments (new financing products). How attractive will they become for foreign players in the coming years? Case study:Warsaw stock market after accession Invited speakers: - LudwikSobolewski-President and CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange - Panteley Karassimeonov, Director International Affairs, Communications & Marketing, Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Stere Farmache, General Director, Bucharest Stock Exchange -Dan Paul, President, The Romanian Brokers’Associaton -Gratiela Iordache, member, Budget-Finance Committee, Chamber of Deputies, and president of the Romanian Shareholders’Association - Dana Mirela Ionescu, President, Raiffeisen Capital & Investment Investment and savings products: What is the future of private pension systems and private health insurance in Southeast Europe?* Obstacles on the road to implementing private pension systems;* International approaches to private pension systems; * the role of fiscal politics in promoting private pensions and private health insurance. Invited speakers: - Juan Yermo, Administrator, Insurance and Private Pensions Unit, Financial Affairs Division, OECDMircea Oancea, President, Commission for the Supervision of the Private Pension System - Angela Toncescu, President, Insurance Supervisory Commission - Violeta Ciurel, General Manager, Global Pensions Department, ING Group Amsterdam - MihaiTanasescu, President, Budget-Finance Banking Commission, Chamber of Deputies - MihailIon, President, Raiffeisen Asset ManagementRepresentative from a consulting company The effects of integration on non-banking financial institutions. The future of consumer credit in SE Europe. Invited speakers: - Jean Marc Mignerey, President, LEASEUROPE - Florin Georgescu, First Deputy Vice Governor, National Bank of Romania - Adriana Ahciarliu, Secretary General ALB - Septimiu Postelnicu,President, Unicredit Leasing - Iosif Pop, Presedinte, Imogrup SMEs market: financing and consultancy services in the same package. Invited speakers: - JózsefCsáka, President, ANIMMC - Ovidiu Nicolescu, President, National Council of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) - SorinCoclitu, President, Romanian Fund for Credit Guarantees (FRGC) - Senior Representative of Alpha BankSenior Representative of Volksbank Wednesday, 16 May 2007 Development opportunities for the financial and banking servicessector in Southeastern Europe. The region atractivity for the big Europeanand mondial players. * the region potential; financial banking growth in Romania and Bulgaria; the increase attraction of the banking sector in West Balkans; * Harmonizing financing offers, following increased competition from Western banks; Invited speakers: - Levon Hampartzoumian, President, Association of Commercial Banks in Bulgaria; CEO, Bulbank Bulgaria - Lars G Nordstrom, President and Group CEO Nordea, Chairman of the European Financial Management & Marketing Association - Maurizio Sella, President, Italian Banking Association; President, The Banking Federation of the European Union; President, Sella Group; President, Banca Sella - Radu Ghetea, President, Romanian Bankers’Association - Nicolae Danila, President, BCR - Steven van Groningen, President Raiffeisen Bank - Eugen Radulescu, President, CEC - Petru Rares, President, Romanian Banking Institute Press breakfast –1 h: Financial-banking system –post-accession development in Romania and Bulgaria. Human resources crisis of the financial and banking sector in Southeastern Europe.With the participation of chief leaders of banks in Romania and Bulgaria, representatives from stock exchanges, non-banking financial institutions in the region and the most important economic analystsWorkshop: The bank of the future: self banking. New technology on the financial banking market. Marketing and distribution: optimizing banking networks. CRM: methods of creating loyal customers. Invited speakers: - Representative of European Financial Management & Marketing Association - Senior Representative Raiffeisen Group - Representative of an IT solutions firm specializing in financialbanking Thursday, 17 May 2007 All eyes on South Eastern Europe: Economic boom! For how long? The business environment –post-accession viewpoints. The impact of globalization on the financial-banking sector * Consequences of accession on the Romanian and Bulgarian: post-accession economic strategies; * How attractive are the SE economies for the major business players?* The evolution of primary economic indicators in 2007: forecasts; * The impact of Basel II on the financial-banking market; * Monetary policies with regard to joining the euro zone; * Regulations of the central bank: what will 2007 bring?; * The impact of the foreign trade deficit on setting exchange rates. Case study: Hungary; * Threats to price stability in 2007: adjustments of administrative prices following the alignment of prices after accession. Invited speakers: -Klaus Liebscher, Governor, National Bank of Austria - Plamen Vassilev Oresharski, Minister, Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria - Peter Medgyessy, former prime-minister, Ungaria - Ali Babacan, State Minister of Economy on Turkey, chief negociator for theEuropean Union - Mugur Isarescu, Governor, National Bank of Romania - Sebastian Vladescu, Minister, Ministry of Public Finance, Romania - Varujan Vosganian, Minister, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Romania Friday, 18 May 2007 Country Roundtables: Romaniaeconomic outlook Serbiaeconomic outlook Bulgariaeconomicoutlook Moldovaeconomicoutlook