Event Date/Time: Dec 10, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 12, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: May 15, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Dec 12, 2007
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The tectonic describes the symphonic play of material, structure and spatial
experience. The way a building is crafted has always determined much of its
image, its mood and has even suggested its possible uses. Its role in the built
environment of today is subject to radical change.
Modern building techniques, changing cultural values, environmental, economic
and global issues all have their own demands on the way buildings are shaped
and used. These concerns challenge classic concepts of tectonic purity or honesty
and have created an unstable context of continuous development in which
architectural and urban design, the physics of the built environment, property
development, and structural innovation must operate.
What do and can these developments mean for tectonic culture?

The explicit purpose of this conference is to explore the relationships between the
various disciplines of the building industry in the context of an evolving tectonic
Apart from reassessing the role of the tectonic in design within the everchanging
context of technological and cultural change, this conference seeks to look at how
different sorts of designers work together with other disciplines in the building
industry to arrive at a tectonic concept.
It aims to widen the debate by specifically inviting submissions about
partnerships between designers, engineers, planners, government, property- and
product developers. Such partnerships have produced among the most successful
buildings because of an enlightened cooperation between the vision of the
developer, the talent of the designers, the technical ability of the engineers and
the openness of all these to experimentation.
It addresses the relationship between the making of buildings and property
development, that is, between the tectonic image, branding and iconicity.
It explores the tectonic potential in architectural product development and design
in the fields of comfort technology, sustainability and adaptability.
It intends to monitor the changes in interior, architectural, urban and landscape
design practice as these shift from an orientation around the object to a more
integrated approach through issues such as the choreography of space,
morphology and behaviour, process, mood and atmosphere.
Finally it investigates the tectonic potential of new developments in technology
and paradigm shifts in facture.

• Tectonics, the poetics of technology.
• Virtual tectonics, digital technology.
• Tectonic strategies in ecological and sustainable design.
• Kinetic tectonics, movement and adaptability.
• Embodied tectonics.
• Tectonics, globalisation and localisation.
• Tectonics as metaphor.
• Tectonics and philosophy: Architectonics.
• Tectonics, image and branding.
• Tectonics in urban design.

• The conference will last three days.
• The deadline for the submission of abstracts is May 15th 2007.
• Abstracts and full papers will be peer reviewed.
• Full papers approved by the reviewboard will be published after the
• In order to fully involve students, an international competition with a prize
will be launched in April.
• Keynote speakers will also be asked to supervise a workshop with
• A number of projects in the faculty during the 1st semester of next year
will have the tectonic as their main theme.

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