Event Date/Time: Jun 12, 2007 End Date/Time: Jun 22, 2007
Registration Date: May 31, 2007
Early Registration Date: Apr 01, 2007
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Globecon is a leading provider of professional development for corporate and investment banking institutions. For 25 years, the company has developed, delivered and supported many thousands of programs for leading institutions in every major financial centre of the world. Globecon was founded and developed as a traditional financial publishing and workshop company, successfully expanding its offerings during the past five years to include the delivery of practical and applications-oriented eLearning programs and Web-based seminars. The company's mission is to provide finance executives and managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to improve their job performance.
Through this program, participants will gain better understanding and road map into the complexities of the securities brokerage, investment banking, hedge fund, asset management and commercial banking businesses. No assumption is made about prior knowledge. Thus foundational issues are first addressed to enable participants to understand the players, markets, products and strategies of financial institutions, and the influences of regulatory, competitive and technological pressures. This provides context so participants leave with an awareness of the day-to-day functioning of financial institution businesses. More technical subjects are reviewed at a high level, as well, to acquaint participants with the mechanics of the business, the trade life cycle, the language of finance, the essentials of risk, bond math, quoting conventions, yield curves, duration and convexity, options. This course is essential in understanding the finance business.
This program is vital for individuals who require a rapid introduction to global financial institutions, markets and products, including those that work for, consult to or serve international financial institutions. It will be particularly useful for front, middle and back office staff, including relationship managers, salespeople, traders, systems analysts and business development staff. This program is an intense curriculum which has been widely appreciated by many participants worldwide.
The Industry Road Map
Introduction to Finance and Markets
Market Structures, Players and Relationships
Roles of Financial Institutions and Intermediaries
Evolution of Exchanges and New Trading Platforms
Corporate and Investment Bankers
Trends and the Operating Environment
Oversight and Regulation of Financial Institutions
Job Opportunities in a Complex Institution
Understanding the Institutional P&L
The Corporate Vision and Strategy
Enhancing Financial Institution Value
Functional Divisions and Businesses
The Front, Middle and Back Office
Leading and Lagging Opportunities
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance
The New Market Environment
Sarbanes Oxley
Risk Analysis, Underwriting and Control
Recognizing Deterioration in Credit Quality
Credit Portfolio Management
Securities Brokers and Dealers
History and Business Evolution
Business Structure and Performance
Understanding Investor Needs
Review of Key Products and Services
Sources and Uses of Market Data, Information and Pricing
The Trade Life Cycle
Roles in the Trade Life Cycle
Organization of Clearance and Settlement Systems
Securities Settlement Procedures
Global Standardization in Securities Clearance and Settlement
An Overview of Capital Markets Products and Uses
Fixed Income and Debt Instruments
Basel II
Regulation NMA/MIFID
SRO Requirements
Critical Evolving Issues
Macroeconomics and Markets
The Business Life Cycle
Reading the 'Right' News
Key Indicators and Variables
Examining Market Charts and Data
Leading Indicators and Forecasting
Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Research and Analysis
Emerging and Alternative Markets
Risk and Its Implications for Management
Valuing Money, Yields and Risk
The Role of Credit
Types of Risk: Market, Credit, Operational.
The Function and Process of Rating Agencies
Equity Instruments
Structured Financial Instruments
Mortgage-Backed Securities
Asset-Backed Securities
Derivative Products (Options, Futures, Swaps, Credit/Interest Rate Products)
Asset and Investment Management
Introduction to portfolio theory
Investment analysis and management
Understanding Investor Needs
Active vs. Passive Investing
Model Investor Portfolios
Evaluating Investor Performance
Portfolio Return Attribution
Banking on Relationships
What Relationship Management Is and Is Not
Knowledge Based Banking and Advisory Services
Identifying Investor Needs and Objectives
Solving Client Problems


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