Event Date/Time: Mar 09, 2007
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Demonstrating Value and Financial Performance through Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

The budgeting process no longer has to be a dreaded financial practice. Through integrating performance management and technology, best-in-class companies have learned how to take the pain out of budgeting, planning and forecasting. By reducing cycle times, ensuring accuracy, and aligning these financial processes to strategy, high-performing organizations have been able to extract value and achieve new levels of financial performance.

At Budget Champions 2007 on June 21-22 in Chicago, you will learn how to generate value and performance out of dynamically transforming budgeting, planning and forecasting.

You will learn how to drive financial performance through:

· Maximizing the Efficiency and Accuracy of the Corporate Budgeting Process
· Aligning Budgets with Strategic Plans
· Eliminating Waste and Seizing Game-Changing Financial Opportunities
· Developing Model Performance Measures that Improve Control and Enhancing the Precision of Budgets
· Enhancing the Predictability and Transparency of Budgets and Forecasts
· Establishing Organizational Alignment to Strategy