Student Motivation: The Key to Improving Retention and Student Success

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Event Date/Time: Mar 10, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 10, 2009
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Student Motivation: The Key to Improving Retention and Student Success 10 March 2009 online Students show up on the first day of college motivated, eager, and ready to make a clean start. If we can grab on to that raw motivation and develop it, our students will be likely to persist. However, student motivation can be lost as early as Day 1 if we fail to meet students first day needs and expectations. With The Right Start to College, we can give our students a foundation for their motivation and lock in their commitment to be successful. The Right Start to College is student-based and faculty- driven, and targets relationship-building, career vision and college success skills. The Right Start to College resulted in a +19% improvement in students believing they would graduate. (NISOD Innovations Abstracts, Vol. XXXVI, No. 15) Objectives * Maximize the top five student motivation factors: Care, Capable, Career, Confidence, and First Impression * Build relationships with faculty and students in their program groups * Paint a clear picture of students education and career journey, which builds career confidence * Create a "skill competency" context for the program that makes each subject relevant * Help students ensure theyve made the right program choice * Turn study skills into high-performance career skills * Share interactive exercises that strengthen student motivation and high-performance change * Understand the 3Rs of High-Performance Change: Relate, Reframe and Repeat Who Should Attend? President Provosts Faculty Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, Chief Financial Officers VP for Enrollment Management Dean/Director of Admissions, ExecutivesDeans of Academic and Student Affairs Managers, Supervisors Staff and Students who play a key role in recruiting, retaining and graduating students at public and private two and four year institutions Who is the Speaker? Don Fraser is one of North Americas leading authorities on student success and retention. A professor at Durham College for the past 30 years, Don publishes the national best-seller Making Your Mark, which has sold over one million copies. Don has delivered student motivation seminars to over 17,000 college staff at various conferences and at over 300 colleges across North America. Enquiries: