Maximize Your Reach: Using Technology to Connect with Diverse Students

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Event Date/Time: Mar 11, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 11, 2009
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Maximize Your Reach: Using Technology to Connect with Diverse Students 11 March 2009 online Using technology is essential in attracting students to your institution and creating an atmosphere that cultivates success. Students want increased access, opportunity, and options available 24/7. However, students from different socioeconomic groups have varying access to computers and the Internet, keeping the digital divide open. Computer and Internet use among K-12 students is affected by such socioeconomic factors as parent education attainment; poverty status, and family income. Additional factors of race and ethnicity; household composition; and metropolitan status wedge a deeper stake in use factors. This session will highlight cutting-edge technology solutions that you can use to dramatically increase your applicant pool/ retention rates, while also addressing the digital divide issues that affect many of your students. Questions that will be addressed during the presentation: *What are the latest and greatest technology tools used in recruitment/ retention? *Do African-American males use podcasts, wikis, websites and social newworking sites at the same rate as White males? *What is the digital divide? *Are equal percentage of African-American and White high school students setting up profiles on college Web sites? *How do you keep up with the ever changing technology world while at the same time making sure you also accommodate students who may not have access to the latest technology? *What kind of internal studies have you conducted to around technology and diverse student populations? *How does the digital divide affect your recruiting practices? *How do you begin to bridge the digital divide? Enquiries: