Parks and Protected Areas Forum; A Sense of Place, For All People, For All Time (Parks and Protected)

Venue: Esplanade Hotel

Location: Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Event Date/Time: Sep 23, 2007 End Date/Time: Sep 25, 2007
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National parks and other terrestrial and marine protected areas are our shared contribution to living with, caring for and valuing our natural and cultural diversity. The natural and cultural values found within our parks and protected areas are of global significance and merit conservation and interpretation for this reason alone. Equally, these areas provide a sense of place, locations where people from varied backgrounds, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, can meet, spend some time and work together with a common purpose. In this way parks and protected areas provide social values that reach beyond their immediate boundaries and provide bridges and overcome barriers. This is our hope and vision.

Parks and Protected Areas promote a sense of wellbeing, for all people, not only for those who visit our parks but even for those who may only drive through them or gain comfort by knowing that they are there. In our busy, and often stressful, lives natural areas provide a space in which we can stop, rest and recover, and from which inspiration can arise.

The Forum, Parks and Protected Areas; A Sense of Place, For All People, For All Time, will raise public awareness and support for a secure, publicly owned and publicly managed network of protected areas, of which national parks and marine parks are the cornerstone. This forum will emphasize the value of the protected area network for biodiversity conservation, public recreation and tourism and hence its economic and social value for the community.