Permanent Furniture Trade Show Indonesia (none)

Venue: AAA Furniture

Location: Jepara, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Event Date/Time: Mar 23, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 31, 2013
Registration Date: Dec 31, 2013
Early Registration Date: Mar 23, 2007
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"P.F.T.S.I.® ", was born in the need to assist manufaturers and buyers for major changes in the ways furniture and handicrafts are marketed, where in the past Indonesian manufacturers were depending on overseas distributors for marketing their products, nowadays there's the fast communication through the internet, and shops overseas are not always buying their products from local distributors anymore, but more and more straight from the manufacturer. We've noticed and monitered these changes in marketing handicrafts and other products from Indonesia during the last decade.
A new market occurred for Indonesian manufacturers, shipping straight to smaller buyers (shops) overseas. But delivery straight to shops also knows it's limitations, shops have less storage accomodation than wholesalers, shops cannot always handle a FULL containerload of the same kind of products.
This may slow down the turn-over of the shops, merchandise must be sold first, before there's storage for a next container. Then ordering a new container (app. 3 month till destination) causes a "lag" in sales.

Our: "Permanent Furniture Trade Show Indonesia" "P.F.T.S.I.® ", found the ultimate solution:
We feature many items from different manufacturers, from which you can select a container-order. You may order on line or come to our warehouse in Jepara, located in a top location at the mainroad.

In most cases, a container can be shipped within several days after we received your order selection
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