Kids & Youth Marketing Middle East (Data and Knowledge M)

Venue: Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Location: dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: May 27, 2007 End Date/Time: May 30, 2007
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Why This Event?
As a marketer in the Middle East Telecommunications industry, you know better than anyone that youth are the primary driving force behind the adoption of digital convergence, increased sales and ROI from mobile and telco services.
You already know that 21st Century Middle East kids and youth are more intelligent than ever, trends and attitudes are ever-changing and new technologies, mediums and services are constantly entering the market and fighting for their unrivalled attention. BUT…
With increased pressure from above, and having your work constantly linked to your product’s success or failure, your job just gets tougher every day…
Key Topics Addressed
To make you the expert on kids and youth marketing, and back by popular demand, IQPC Middle East & Kid Power Xchange are proud to bring to the Middle East the…
Only at this international summit discover how you can:

Conference Day One: Wednesday 28 May 2007
08.30Registration, Networking And Refreshments
09.00 Chairman’s Welcome And Opening Address
Tolga Sezer
Vice President - Marketing
09.20 Essential Steps To Truly Reach And Market To 21st Century Middle East Youth
• Recognising the best avenues to identify and reach your right target market
• Defining how to deliver the right message with the right tone, channel and strategy
• Analysing the effectiveness of online media and pinpointing what it can do to dramatically increase awareness and sales
Mohamed El Sayad
General Manager
10.00 Lets Chat: Exclusive One-To-One Networking Opportunity
Meet, network and exchange business cards with fellow delegates and speakers who are grappling with similar issues and challenges. In this revolutionary, quick-fire format, you can meet every single delegate and exchange best practice from those who have succeeded in the industry
10.30 Morning Coffee And Networking
11.40 Exclusive Live Parents Panel... Plus Experts Post Panel Analysis
Understanding The Needs, Anxieties And Motivations Of Parents To Develop Marketing Strategies Which Resonate Throughout The Household
Featuring an exclusive line up of parents, come face to face with the guardians of your consumers to ask them your burning questions and hear them debate their opinions on the brands targeting kids in the Middle East. Find out what today’s moms and dads look for in a product for their child.
Developed and moderated by:
Sana Sabbah
Senior Qualitative Research Analyst
12.40Lunch And Networking
Please Choose Either The Kids Stream Or Youth Stream For Your Afternoon Session
Kids Uncovered Exploring Cutting Edge Communication For 21st Century Middle East Kids Workshop On... The Youth Market
14.00 Kid Research Unveiled
• Understanding kids research: methodologies and techniques to maximize its effectiveness
• Insights into the psychology, motivations and cultural influences on the 21st century kid in the UAE
• Closing the loop: Understanding how such insights can help in designing your brand strategy
Himanshu Vashishtha
Country Manager: UAE
14.40 A David Vs Goliath Story...
Meeting Mom’s Expectations Whilst Exciting Kids Hearts And Minds
• Launching Jenan - the local challenger brand in Saudi by using the right mediums, strategies and tone to resonate with parents but also attract kids
• Changing the dynamics of the market by including premiums and revitalizing kid-focused packaging
• Utilising specific sponsorship opportunities integrated in kids lifestyles to rapidly grow and instill your brand values in kids minds
Ayman Hammed
Head of Marketing
15.20 Afternoon Break And Networking
15.50 Interactive Solution-Finding Round Table The Power Of The Pester Phenomenon: Developing Communication Strategies That Resonate With Parents For Products That Are Developed For Kids
• Leveraging the power kids have over their parents purchasing decisions and ensuring your brand is always first on their list
• What are the most effective strategies, tones and communication tools used to cut through the clutter and engage kids?
Facilitated by Tolga Sezer
Vice President – Marketing
AUJAN INDUSTRIES This interactive, hands-on exercise-based, and inclusive of case-studies workshop is devoid of any complex statistical derivations, and with emphasis on fostering a practical understanding of concepts. Focussing on youth segmentation, this workshop is essential for anyone wanting to correctly segment their market and increase the ROI from their marketing spend
Advanced Segmentation Within The Youth Market In The Middle East: Building The Right Strategies And Using The Correct Avenues For Each Segment
Key Learnings:
• Understanding the integral role that research plays in different stages of the marketing process: segmenting consumers, understanding their needs, selecting target groups, profiling them, and catering to their needs
• Gaining familiarity with various techniques available in a comprehensive research toolkit, and be able to adopt the right approach
• Focussing on getting the most out of actionable marketing research from the user’s perspective
Arun Joshi
Regional Head: Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa Knowledge Management and Client Development
16.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks And Close Of Day One
Conference Day Two: Tuesday 29 May 2007
08.30 Registration, Networking And Refreshments
09.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Manoj Mathew
Vice President Marketing & Corporate Communications
09.20 Growing, Going, Gone.... Assessing The Enormous Potential Of Middle East Youth Spending Power And What It Could Mean For Your Sales Numbers
• Examining the role of today’s youth as an important part of your audience and consumer base with increasing spending potential
• Benefiting from the advantages of integrating your brand into young consumers lifestyles and building loyalty early so they stay with you throughout their lives
• Treating youth as intelligent consumers and creating campaigns and products which cater to the savvy cosmopolitan 21st century youth
Tom Roychoudhury
Executive Director Corporate Communications & Innovations
10.10 The Digital Scheherazade – The Power Of Virtual Media In The Arab World
Arab consumers are connected - They are expressing their inner selves They have let their windows open to follow the trail of life... A great opportunity to engage and retain them while they are on their “Journey of Discovery” to increase your brand loyalty and ROI
Tamador Jalboukh
Insights Manager
11.00 Morning Coffee And Networking Opportunity
11.30 Exclusive Live Youth Panel... Plus Experts Post Panel Analysis
Explore True Feelings Of Today’s Youth Market To Effectively Deliver Campaigns Which Connect And Resonate In Their Hearts, Minds And Wallets
Hear directly from our exclusive panel of youths to help you get into your consumers minds to understand how they truly live their lives, make their decisions and what they really think of your advertising, products and brands
Developed and moderated by:
Sana Sabbah
Senior Qualitative Research Analyst
12.30 Lunch And Networking
Please Choose Either The Kids Stream Or Youth Stream For Your Afternoon Session
Stream A Stream B
Youth Uncovered Differentiating Your Brand To Attract The Fickle Youth Consumer Kids Attitudes Uncovered
13.50 Understanding The Primary Influences On Young Minds And The Relative Importance Of Family, Peers, School And Especially Celebrity And Popular Culture
• Understanding the social psychology of young minds and the social influences which may dictate their buying habits
• Dissecting youth media usage habits and lifestyle characteristics
• Providing insight into the research on consumer behaviour of the youth market
Dr Annie Crookes
Senior Lecturer
14.30 Interactive Panel Session
Traditional Vs New: How Effective Are The Traditional Mediums When Targeting Youth And What Is It Actually Doing For Your Sales Figures?
Without true and proven statistics on actual viewing habits, audience and circulation figures how can you truly prove to your MD that your marketing budget is working towards increasing sales and brand awareness?
Top marketers and media experts debate the advantages and disadvantages of using these traditional mediums and discuss the potential benefits of using new technology, different mediums, sponsorship, experiential marketing and more creative strategies to increase sales
Anthon Garcia
Senior Editor
Mads Helge
GM UAE, Oman Qatar, India &
Pakistan and Head of Media ME & North Africa
Yogesh Radhakrishnan
Managing Director & CEO
Mohamed El Sayad
General Manager
15.10 Afternoon Break And Networking
15.40 The Virgin In-Store Experience And Retail Challenge: Getting Youth Into Stores And Parting With Their Cash
• Positioning Virgin as a lifestyle brand that connects with today’s opinionated and knowledgeable youth
• Understanding the in-store experience to improve your promotion, pricing and placement strategies
• Obtaining insight into shoppers’ wants and demands to evaluate the range of influences affecting purchasing decision including price, value and brand recognition that drive consumers to ultimately select your competitor over your products
• Ensuring retailers and brands work together to integrate shopper insight into packaging and instore marketing
Nisreen Shocair
VIRGIN MIDDLE EAST 13.50 How To Truly Engage 21st Century Middle East Kids... And Their Parents
• Dissecting psychologies, motivations and cultural evolutions to capture the attention of 21st Century time-thrifty kids
• Incorporating your brand into kids lives early on to create loyalty and capture the most potent demographic of the Middle East
• Analysing your specific audience and family dynamics to identify where the purchasing power lies: parents, kids or both?
• Identify the perfect medium, tone and campaign that will strike a cord with kids varying mindsets at different stages during their childhood
John Mani
Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
14.30 Understanding The Dominant Factors And Major Influences Playing A Part In Today’s Kid’s Lives
• Uncovering kids attitudes towards brands and general purchasing behaviour
• Gauging kids reactions to various mass media sources and the impact it has on shaping their purchasing habits including: websites, programmes, radio stations, magazines, new technology
• Analyzing the factors that play an influencing role in the purchase and selection of brands and products including: word of mouth, advertising, marketing campaigns and events
Sana Sabbah
Senior Qualitative Research Analyst
15.10 Afternoon Break And Networking
15.40 Interactive Solution-Finding Round Table
• Create the optimal impact by differentiating your strategies according to your markets
• Identify which media channels engage certain segments
• Understand how consumers group around ethnic backgrounds, age, nationality, interest, passions and activities
• Which segment-specific Vs mainstream marketing strategies will help you get more from your budget?
16.20 Keynote Closing Session
How Damas Is Creating Youth Brand Loyalty To Reap Enormous Rewards Now And In The Future
• Constructing a brand image and values that will stay with you into the future and immediately be recognizable to your brand and products
• Can you actually build brand loyalty with youth? How to create strong emotional connections that embed your brand into the hearts and minds of your consumers
• Planning long-term strategies and forward thinking campaigns that are necessary to gain youth audiences trust and complete loyalty
Tawhid Mohd. Taher Abdullah
Managing Director
17.00 End Of Day Two And Chair’s Final Remarks
17.20 Close Of Conference
Please click on the below to learn more:
• Masterclass A: Media Unleashed: Connecting With Today’s Youth In The Middle East
• Masterclass B: Online Strategies, New Mediums And Latest Technology Uncovered:
Pre-Conference Masterclass, Sunday 27th May 2007
09.00 – 16.00 Masterclass A Media Unleashed: Connecting With Today’s Youth In The Middle East
Discover The Proven Channels That Work In Reaching Your Target Market
This uniquely media-oriented workshop is specifically tailored to help you tap into and leverage kids and youth media usage trends to effectively target your marketing spend and ensure you are reaching your consumers in the right way and through the right channels.
This masterclass will cover:
• Digging deeper into what websites, programmes, radio stations, magazines, and new technologies they use to use your marketing budget as effectively as possible
• Unveiling cutting-edge strategies on how to use media more creatively and effectively to develop an interactive conversation with your consumers
By attending this masterclass, you will leave able to:
• Understand what younger kids in the Middle East region are truly watching, reading, doing and talking about in school to understand what makes them tick
• Select the right media mix to capture the hearts and minds of younger kids and their parents
• Recognise your market demands, live in their world, speak their language and connect on their terms
About your masterclass leader:

Azhar Siddiqui
Group Media Director
Universal Media, Dubai

Azhar Siddiqui is Group Media Director With Universal Media. He holds an MBA in Marketing Management from Lubin School of Business, Manhattan New York. He has been working in the Middle East advertising industry for the last 7 years advising clients across a spectrum of industries on developing successful media and communication strategies
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Post-Conference, Wednesday 30th May 2007
09.00 – 16.00 Masterclass B Online Strategies, New Mediums And Latest Technology Uncovered
Using The Power Of Interactivity To Satisfy Youth Demand For New Media, Build Stronger Bonds And Create Loyalty
This one-day session is perfect for anyone targeting youth wanting to get fully updated on all the latest technologies, online strategies and new mediums being used by your consumer.
This masterclass will cover:
• How prevalent is new media and technology within today’s Middle East Youth market?
• How effective is it in conveying brand messages, creating relationships and increasing sales?
• What are the future new media and digital technologies that will have an impact on your consumers and how do you cost-effectively incorporate these into your campaigns?
By attending this masterclass, you will leave able to:
• Decide which are the best new technologies and mediums to maximise revenue for your brand and target market
• Develop long-term brand values through ensuring your messages are seen and used in youth-friendly mediums
About your masterclass leader:
Mohamed El Mehairy
Connect Ads Regional Director
Mohamed El Mehairy, currently the Connect Ads Regional Director, started working in the field of Digital Advertising in 2001 in Connect Ads Egypt, as an account executive he gradually moved within Connect Ads managing many super brands and multinational accounts along the way, such as: Mobinil, Levi’s, Nokia, Gillette, Coca Cola, BMW and the P&G portfolio. Joining the industry at its earliest ages gave Mohamed a lot of regional exposure and experience, this was reinforced by working closely with all the major agencies in the region by helping them with online media planning and buying and acting as their digital advertising consultant.
Mohamed El Sayad
General Manager

Mohamed ElSayad, currently the General Manager of MSN Arabia, handling the full integration of business in 11 Countries in the region.
Mohamed has joined MSN Arabia in the beginning of 2004 as the Business Development Manager, where he introduced a lot of initiatives that helped the Arab users find all what they needed in one place. Prior joining MSN Arabia, Mohamed has worked within various sectors of the Internet field with a huge variety of responsibilities within Sales, Marketing & Operations. This diversity gave him a lot of experience by working closely with different Multi-National brands to establish their online existence & acted as a consultant for all their online activities. Mohamed also had a share of experience within the Telecommunication field & the Advertising field for a couple of years. Mohamed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; and a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Trade & Business Administration.


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