2007 NeuroPsychoEconomics (2007 NeuroPsychoEcon)

Venue: Austrian Academy of Sciences

Location: 1010 Vienna, Austria

Event Date/Time: Oct 14, 2007 End Date/Time: Oct 16, 2007
Paper Submission Date: May 01, 2007
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2007 Call for papers
Please be invited to submit a paper to the 2007 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference will he held from October 14-16, 2007 at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria). Deadline for submissions is
May 1, 2007. The conference theme of 2007 is:
“Research in Neuroscience, Psychology, Business, and Economics–Towards a Discipline of Neuroeconomics”
Manuscripts should combine concepts from neuroscience and/or psychology with problems of business and economics. Topics may include (but are not restricted to):
• Application of concepts and methods from neuroscience and/or psychology in solving business and economics problems (e.g., marketing, behavioral finance, organization science, management, and decision science)
• Analysis of interpersonal behavior (e.g., relationships between customer-supplier, supervisor-subordinate, and/or investor-firm) with the means of neuroscience and/or psychology
• Discussion of ethical and legal issues at the interface of psychology, neuroscience, and business and economics research
• Evaluation of the state of the field of research in neuroeconomics
• Presentation of state-of-the-art techniques for solving neuroeconomic problems. Empirical as well as conceptual manuscripts are welcome.
Manuscripts can be written in English or German. The conference language will be English.
Manuscripts submitted for the conference must not currently be under review, accepted for publication, or published elsewhere.
Submission process
• Manuscripts must be submitted to submission@neuropsychoeconomics.org by May 1, 2007.
• Manuscripts passing the double-blind review process will be accepted for presentation at the conference.
Manuscript submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter that indicates the intention to publish the paper, if accepted, either in its entirety in the journal NeuroPsychoEconomics (ISSN 1861-4523) or in abstract form in the conference proceedings.
• In your cover letter, please include complete contact information for all authors including name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address. The cover letter should be written into the body of an e-mail message with the manuscript as an attachment.
• The manuscript must conform to the author guidelines (see later section).
• The result of the review process will be passed on to the authors by July 1, 2007.


Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
1010 Vienna