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Unit Case-Mix, Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in its activity plans for 2007 has proposed to conduct an international conference on case-mix system in collaboration with UNU-IIGH, MOH Malaysia and 3M/THIS. The aim of the conference is to introduce and enhance the knowledge of case-mix concept to the participants. The target participants are medical records and nursing staffs, medical practitioners, hospital administrators, clinicians, policy makers and all interested parties.

The demand for health care services rose concurrently with the escalation of health care in the past two decades while the governments in most developing countries have limited capacities to handle the huge financial burden. Several factors have been identified contributing to the crisis. These include among others changes in prevalence and incidence of diseases amongst the population attributed to improved life style and changes in socio-economic status of the populations. The use of new technologies to manage chronic diseases as well as newly emerging diseases usually leads to increase in health care spending because these technologies are usually very expensive. Better educated and more informed patients tend to demand for the best and the latest treatment modalities which are usually costly.

The most important approach in dealing with this problem is by introducing an efficient health care financing system at national level that provides the fund for health care expenditure. Effective and efficient health care service will result in good quality service and cost containment. Therefore, an effective and resilient system is important to achieve this target.

Case-Mix System is one of the possible solutions in achieving those objectives. It is a form of patients’ classification system that combines type of diseases treated in a hospital with cost of treatment.. This system can be used to gauge the usage of resources needed to provide health care service in a hospital according to patients’ conditions. It is very appropriate especially in justifying the usage of optimum resources in tertiary care hospitals, which admit more severe cases. At present, the allocations of resources are based on the number of beds and previous resource utilisation without considering efficiency and thus do not contribute to the improvement of hospital efficiency. Therefore, allocating hospital resources using case-mix system according to work-load will ensure all expenses used efficiently and produce a better quality of care.

Case-Mix System also facilitates in the implementation of quality enhancement programmed in line with it original objective of classification. Information on patients’ treatment such as length of stay helps in identifying differences in treatment and problems in quality of patient care so it can be highlighted and managed immediately. All hospitals are also encouraged to standardise the treatment process using clinical guidelines and clinical pathways in accordance to best practices to ensure that patients receive the best and most effective treatment.

The government of Malaysia through the Economic planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Department and the Ministry of Health, Malaysia are in the process of studying the possibility to introduce and implement a suitable national health care financing mechanism for Malaysia, among others to support the ever increasing health care cost and to enhance equity, accessibility, quality and efficiency in the health system. One of the elements in this health care financing is the provider payment mechanism based on case-mix system. HUKM has taken the initiative to lead the way in using case-mix system in this country and hope to extend its experience to other hospitals and insinuate its implementation to strengthen the health service in Malaysia.



1. Introduction and dissemination of knowledge on case-mix system and its implementation worldwide as well as its feasibility in Malaysia.


1. To illustrate the importance of case-mix as one of the mechanisms of achieving efficiency and quality in health care service.

2. To introduce and discuss the experience of case-mix system implemented in the developed and developing countries around the world.

3. To discuss the strategy to improve the case-mix system to be used by the hospital administrator.

4. To introduce and discuss the experience of case-mix system in HUKM.


It is hope that, the conference will provide:

1. Better understanding on the importance of case-mix system as a mechanism in the National Health Care Financing which will be implemented soon.

2. Better understanding on the usage of case-mix system in enhancing quality in health care service in terms of costs and efficiency.

3. Increase in knowledge of ICD-10 coding and Procedure coding.

4. Increase in the efficiency of HUKM Case-Mix Unit as a role model for case-mix system in this country.

5. Introduction to the concept of National Health Care Financing which includes deposit contribution aspect, mechanism of payment to hospitals and clinics, monitoring and controlling aspect and etc.

6. Introduction of case-mix system concept used by HUKM to the rest of country and world.


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Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

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CONFERENCE VANUE AND DATE: Date : 6-7th September 2007 (Thursday and Friday) Vanue : Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Bukit Bintang CONFERENCE FEE: Status of Participant Fee Before After 31 August 07) (31 August 07) Students RM 250 RM 300 Medical Officers, Specialists, Managers, RM 300 RM 350 and Professionals (Government) Medical Officers, Specialists, Managers, RM 350 RM 400 and Professionals (Private) Overseas Participants USD 300 USD 350 (not inclusive of accomodation) LAST DATE OF REGISTRATION: 31 August 2007 SECRETARIAT ADDRESS: Third International Case-Mix Conference Unit Case-Mix, Hospital UKM Jalan Yaacob Latif, Bandar Tun Razak 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA (e-mail: casemix@mail.hukm.ukm.my)