NanoTrends 2007 - 5th International Nanotechnology and Business Convention (NanoTrends 2007)

Venue: Radisson SAS Hotel Cologne

Location: 50679 Cologne, Germany

Event Date/Time: Apr 02, 2007
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Nanotechnology is currently an area of intense scientific research, due to a wide variety of potential applications in nearly every industry. The U.S. National Science Foundation has forcasted that the global market for nanotechnologies will reach $1 trillion or more within 20 years.
At present, Nanomaterials are designed to exhibit new or enhanced properties that affect their physical and chemical behavior, in effect presenting opportunities to create new and better products. The Nano-Community will meet at NanoTrends 2007 to share information and experiences on current applications, safety, hazard, and societal acceptance of Nanotechnology. Companies such BayerMaterials Science, Germany or IBM Research, Switzerland will present the latest findings from current projects about materials and technologies in the field of nanotechnology. More over experts from science and industry will inform about current applications in the field of “Life Science & Medicine” and “Electronics & Energy”.
Besides current projects of application Nanotechnology experts will discuss possible dangers, both medically and environmentally. Prof. Gunter Oberdorster from the Institute for Environmental Medicine, University of Rochester, USA addresses its lecture to this task.
Besides the possible danger of Nanotechnology the societal acceptance gets more and more important for the Nano-Community. “Do (final) consumers accept Nanotechnology?” and “How can Nanotechnology improve its image?” Those questions will be discussed by representatives of The European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance and the Nanotechnology Industry Association, UK.

Nanotechnology has the potential to make significant contributions in many fields, from semiconductors to biotechnology to energy, transportation, agriculture and consumer products, etc. The 5th MST Nanotechnology and Business Convention “NanoTrends 2007” is an ideal platform for nanotechnology experts to swap knowledge and experiences, and an outstanding source of ideas for developing nanotechnology-based applications further.