Evolution of terrorism at the turn of the centuries 20 and 21

Venue: Riwiera Neval Club

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Event Date/Time: Apr 05, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 15, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Sep 15, 2007
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The priori subject of the conference is to receal changes of international relations in the contemporary world and to make a vision of evolving political extremism. Among invited participants are national security services, researchers and officials from government administration. The aim of the conference is to integrate academic groups responsible for preventing and fighting with terrorism, exchange of experiences and to state a level risk of terrorism in Poland
Taking into consideration practical sphere of conference organizers obliged to invite for simulation of disarming bomb by national security forces.
1. Turning terrorist organizations into a political party e.g. Hamas, Hizballah, Muslim Brotherhood
2. Convergation and divergation methods of contemporary terrorism
3. Antiterrorism and Counterterrorism – equipment of antiterrorists forces, effectivnes of acts and results
4. legal aspects preventing terrorism
5. methods of preservation before terrorist attack – reality or just an utopia?
6. Terrorist danger in Poland – raports, analysis, warnings ad symptons
7. Consciousness of terrorist danger in society – issue of public opinion
8. Effectivness and direction of development in antiterrorism framework
9. Crisis menagment in government and self-government administration during act of terrorism. Are and how governments are ready for preventing terrorism
10. Psychological and sociological aspects of terrorism – resocialization, black widows, medial propaganda, fighting with roots of terrorism


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