Leveraging Return-to-Work Initiatives For Employers (RTW for Employers)

Venue: Bally’s Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 09, 2007
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It doesn’t matter if they’re from the loading dock or the executive offices – as soon as you lose an employee to illness or injury, the financial strain on your company is two-fold.

The first hit is the cost of disability or compensation payments to the employee at home. Regardless of whether the injury is occupational or non-occupational, the second struggle is the lost productivity cost as co-workers have to scramble to make up for the missing employee.

Faced with these increasing costs and productivity losses, it’s critical that you return these M.I.A. employees to work as quickly and safely as possible... and a passive "get well soon" approach just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Across the country, innovative companies have developed cutting-edge return-to-work (RTW) strategies that minimize lost days, slash costs and provide measurable returns.

And many of these leading organizations will explain exactly how they’ve done it at World Research Group’s Leveraging Return-to-Work Initiatives for Employers Conference.

This event, taking place on May 31-June 1, 2007 at Bally’s Las Vegas, will focus on strategies and solutions for utilizing a return-to-work program for employees who are out on disability/workers’ comp in order to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and measure ROI.

Specifically, you’ll discover how to:

-Minimize workers’ compensation costs and prevent losses in both union and non-union environments
-Develop metrics and utilize technology to track ROI
-Reduce lost days and disability durations for both occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses
-Prevent fraud and misuse through methods that are both concrete and measurable
-Utilize predictive modeling to determine the effect of the aging workforce

You’ll hear from a wide variety of employers who have already made great strides in developing RTW strategies, including how:

-FedEx Express developed metrics to track both soft-dollar and hard-dollar ROI for RTW programs
-Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. examines individual employee needs and delivers a customized RTW program to each employee
-Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority has cut the average number of employees receiving workers’ compensation benefits from 1,100 down to 265
-Black Oak Casino saved over $800,000 in temporary disability payments in a 12-month period by focusing on return-to-work over temporary disability
-Kitty Hawk, Inc. has reduced annual workers’ compensation losses by almost $2 million through restructured incentive programs that share savings with employees and front-line leadership
-The Hospital Corporation of America, Inc. uses an aggressive RTW program for its over 150,000 employees in dispersed locations to eliminate fraud & abuse and improve productivity

Now it’s your turn to make such huge gains – and you can because out-of-date and ineffective RTW strategies are actually promoting fraud, abuse and loss of productivity.



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