STOP SELLING! Accelerate Your Business! - Workshop (SS2007)

Venue: Legend Hotel

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Apr 10, 2007
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“STOP SELLING” program is based on the new sales paradigms of “Unlock the Game” by Ari Galper and “Buying Facilitation” by Sharon Drew Morgen, further developed and adapted to the Asian business environment.

The “STOP SELLING” offers more than skill training. We aim for achieving a positive change in people’s belief systems, which will, in turn, make your life easier.

Our approach goes beyond “consultative selling method”. We understand in this complex and sophisticated world, it is not realistic that a sales professional can fully understand their prospect’s situation. Hence, we consider the sales professional number one task is not “selling” or spending time understanding the prospect situation, but to assist the prospect in discovering their own situation.

By applying the “STOP SELLING” approach, you will be able to help your prospect make a decision sooner than if he had to figure everything out by himself. In that sense, you will act as a coach to the prospect and shortens the time required for a decision, thus reducing the length of sales cycle. Since you are “helping” your prospect and not “selling” them, you will explore a whole new quality of trusted relationship with your prospect. You will gain the respect you always wanted and when there is real trust, the prospect will speak the truth and thus eliminate the “misleads”.