Yang Family Tai Chi VA Seminars (T'ai Chi)

Venue: The Chinese Connection Kung Fu School

Location: Newport News,, Virginia, United States

Event Date/Time: May 05, 2007 End Date/Time: May 05, 2007
Registration Date: May 01, 2007
Early Registration Date: May 01, 2007
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The real t'ai chi for health and self-defense was kept hidden for many years within the Yang family. The t'ai chi that the Chinese taught to the nation in the 1960's was an exercise - dance form that used t'ai chi postures but did not teach the chi kung, self-defense, or any of the health applications that the Yang family perfected. Many tai chi 'instructors' could not even tell you the history of the martial art, what it was called prior to 1910, it's true lineage, its applications, and its true health benefits through the chi kung exercises.

But The Chinese Connection Kung Fu School can teach you authentic Yang T'ai Chi and we do! Real and authentic t'ai chi chuan by lineage master instructors.

Authentic T'ai Chi Chuan for health and fitness

  • Chi Kung Exercises

  • Yang Family T'ai Chi Long Form,

  • Boadsword T'ai Chi Form,

  • Push hands, joint locking, self-defense and more!

Don't forget our May 5, 2007 t'ai chi seminar
with Master Bao Tak Fai

We are excited to have the Yang Family Tai Chi Grandmaster come and host a seminar though us! As you know, we are the only authentic Chinese martial art school of wutang kung fu in all of SE VA. Come and find out more about this incredible exercise and self-defense art, and try the only t'ai chi classes in all of VA that are from this lineage - true health and fitness from 6th generation inheritor of the only real Yang T'ai Chi in the country outside of Master Bao's school!
This t'ai chi is Not the watered down fitness types available off a DVD. This t'ai chi is Not the school P.E. version of the 'short' or '24 posture' communist Chinese created dance form. This is REAL, AUTHENTIC T'AI CHI from the world reknown Yang Family final disciple of the chi kung and kung fu art of t'ai chi chuan.

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Saturday May 5th, 8:30 chi kung class followed by a

t'ai chi seminar
led by Yang Family T'ai Chi Master Bao Tak Fai!

$50, registration and payment due by May 1st! All levels welcome, ages 18 and up.

No refunds.

read more about the Yang Family T'ai Chi lineage and this incredible martial art

on the Bao Tak Fai T'ai Chi Institute web site.


121 Herman Melville Av
United States

Additional Information

black kung fu pants, black t shirt, and indoor only shoes. You may purchse shirts from us if you wish.