Event Date/Time: Sep 18, 2007 End Date/Time: Sep 19, 2007
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Among the emerging technologies, nanotechnologies represent for the industrial world a very important chance of growth and innovation. In fact, they allow to assemble, manipulate and characterize matter at the molecular and atomic level, that is at the level of nanometre dimension, touching, as seen in the last two editions of nanoforum, the most varied fields of research: from health to biotechnology, from agriculture to computer science, from materials to space research, from enviroment to safety, etc.

Nanoforum 2007

The third edition of nanoforum intends to be once again a first-rate meeting point for the spreading of the new opportunities offered by nanotechnologies, so favouring the process of technological transfer from the academic world to the entrepreneurial one.
If Enterprises have a research department, they will find the right answers to their needs, by finding some of the greatest experts in the sector; instead, if Enterprises do not have a research department, or anyway they are not still ready for these strongly innovative aspects, they will be able to understand “what to do” and “with whom to do”, by coming into contact with Italian and foreign researchers. The project site, constantly updated, is www.nanoforum.it/en.

NANOFORUM is addressed to:

Managers in the research, development, production, promotion and marketing departments of:
Nanotechnological firms
Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries
Scientific and Technological Parks
Companies producing software
Nanomedical equipment and instruments industries
Private and public investment banks

Researchers and Practitioners

Graduates interested in nanotechnologies

Exibitors and Sponsors
Nanotechnological firms
Universities and Research Institutes
Suppliers of products, equipment and services
ICT firms
Scientific and Technological Parks
Investments Banks

2006 edition details

General data

16 specialized conference sessions (the 80% in English) with more than 100 qualified speakers;
6 countries: Brazil, Germany, Francia, Israel, USA and Switzerland (in cooperation with Promos – special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and with “Nano-net”, network of 6 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad– Houston, Miami, Lion, Tel Aviv, Munich and Saint Paul);
58 1to1 meetings realized (in cooperation with Euro info Center, a special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan) between 13 foreign companies and 17 Italian ones


Partecipants: 672 Total presences during the two days: 874 of which the 58% representing 237 Companies/Agencies, Institutions and the 42% including managers, freelances, not shown…
55 Companies and Institutions directly involved (Sponsors, Exhibitors, Chairmen, 1to1)


The 93% of nanoforum visitors declared their own good or total satisfaction
The 91% of nanoforum exhibitors declared their own good or total satisfaction


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