Event Date/Time: Apr 26, 2007
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The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is pleased to invite you to the “DNI Open Source Conference 2007: Expanding the Horizons” to be held in Washington, DC, on Monday, 16 July and Tuesday, 17 July, 2007. The conference is free and open to the public.

The conference will raise awareness about open source and encourage information sharing among the Intelligence Community and its partners in academia, think tanks, non-government organizations, private industry, and with federal, state, local and tribal entities and international partners. The two-day conference will host participants from local, national, and international organizations from both the public and private sector. Over 25 panels will explore the following topics:

*Social Sciences and the Human Terrain* Regional Focus: OS in Asia* The Need for Speed*
*Managing the Information Tsunami* Regional Focus: OS in Africa*
*Academic Outreach* Open Source on the Web* Meeting IC Collection Priorities*
*Technology: Improving the Use of Open Sources* Media Telling the Story with Open Sources*
* Data Fusion and Data Enrichment* Training on Accessing Open Sources*
*Maximizing Information Sharing* Media as the Open Source*
*Libraries of the Future* Private Sector Partnerships*
*Regional Focus: OS in Latin America* Private Sector Sources of Information*
* Enabling Civil Liberties through Open Source* The Academic-Open Source Connection*
*Regional Focus: OS in the Middle East* Improving OS Analysis* Open Source 101 Training*
*International Partnerships* Open Source and State, Local, and Tribal Partners*
*Knowledge Management* Trends in Business Intelligence* Beyond Simple Searching*

Limited training sessions on Open Source intelligence will also be offered; priority will be given to US Government employees.

Participants may register online at www.dniopensource2007.com. Conference registration can only be made via the Web site starting the week of 23 April. All registrations must be received no later than Monday, 9 July 2007; early registration is encouraged to due space limitations.

In conjunction with the conference, an outside exhibition featuring 65 Open Source organizations will be open for conference participants to explore. Please contact INSA at (703) 224-4672 for more information about the exhibition.