asiaPU2007: CMT 2nd Asia Polyurethane Markets Conference 2007 (asiaPU2007)

Venue: Hilton Shanghai Hotel

Location: Shanghai, NA, China

Event Date/Time: Jun 14, 2007 End Date/Time: Jun 15, 2007
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14-15 Jun, 2007 - Shanghai

Asia polyurethane markets to ride the waves

Asian polyurethane market growth has been on fast track propelled by Chinese demand push. Not far behind are other Asian nations –all poised to drive this market further.

In the backdrop of such dynamic markets growing potential, is there enough supply to meet the demand of PU markets? Does the Asian market offer a competitive edge in lower polyurethane manufacturing costs and market access?

China has been a major pull for foreign investors so far. How effective have overseas investors been in leveraging the regional polyurethane market growth to their advantage?

Are the local producers game to take on foreign players in Asian markets? Propylene oxide and polyol supplies have been key determinants in this market segment. What is the status of new projects being planned in the region?

New developments in PO/SM technologies promise to rationalize costs. To what extent have the Asian players adopted these? New technologies based on renewable soy/corn based polyols pose challenges which can limit growth of bio based polyols. Is Asia ready for these bio based products?

Fast paced growth in automotive and home furnishing market has led to new trends in product development accompanied by new product standards. Singapore has implemented the new Greenmark scheme which is likely to pose new resin development challenges. Is the industry ready to face this? To what extent is the coating industry driving the polyurethane markets? Will construction boom in the region offer the next level of polyurethane growth?

In view of the tight MDI/TDI market, expansions are likely to go ahead to ease the supply situation. What will be the producer strategy in this tough climate ?

To learn and assess the regional market dynamics, be at CMT’s 2nd Asia PU conference.

Other key highlights of the conference include:
• New investment plans in Asia/China
• Asian Polyurethane Market Overview
• Raw materials situation
• End-users perspectives and trends

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