Northern Agriculture - Evolving with a Changing World

Venue: Happy Valley-Goose bAY

Location: Happy Valley-Goose bAY, Canada

Event Date/Time: Oct 01, 2007 End Date/Time: Oct 03, 2007
Early Registration Date: Jul 09, 2007
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The objectives of CAA include:

to organize Circumpolar Agricultural Conferences;
to encourage the exchange of information, material and technology of agriculture and rural development in circumpolar areas;
to circulate a newsletter for agriculture and rural development in circumpolar areas;
to establish and maintain relations with other organizations whose interests are related to the objectives of the Association.


The CAA is a non-governmental organization which aims to be a forum for people involved in Northern Agriculture as farmers, advisors, politicians, and students. To date, five conferences have been held in countries throughout the circumpolar world, including Canada, Norway, United States, Iceland and Sweden. Topics are broad in scope and involve all northern regions of the world. For more information, please refer to the CAA website (

The 6th Conference

Agriculture throughout all northern latitudes is facing mounting challenges due to international trade liberalization and increasing competition from areas where more favourable production conditions prevail. There is a strong pressure to increase efficiency and improve productivity while lowering costs. The challenge is to combine productivity and competitiveness with more traditional aspects of multifunctional agriculture. Agriculture is not just about the production of food and fibre but also includes biodiversity, landscape preservation, food security and safety, cultural heritage and rural viability. It is expected that through the exchange of information and networking amongst various stakeholders during conferences such as the Circumpolar Agricultural Conference, significant developments will occur. The primary activity of this event will be the sessions which will feature speakers from throughout the circumpolar region addressing a wide variety of topics related to Northern agriculture.

Northern Agriculture – Evolving with a Changing World

Participants are invited to present papers or posters on any of the following sub-headings:

Harvesting, utilizing and marketing of northern wildlife and boreal floral;
Reclamation of industry development sites in northern areas;
Creating northern agricultural awareness;
Adopting emerging technologies in northern agriculture;
Supporting agriculture growth through rural development initiatives in circumpolar regions.