Basic Quantum-Touch Seminar, Ralston, Nebraska (QT-Ralston, Neb)

Venue: Morning Star Center

Location: Ralston, Nebraska, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 08, 2007 End Date/Time: Jun 09, 2007
Registration Date: Jun 07, 2007
Early Registration Date: May 20, 2007
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Is your practice as busy as you desire? Are you getting the results you want with your clients?
If not then you need to learn a technique that many others and I have used on clients to change their life in dealing with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or chronic pain? How about trigger points, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, myofascial releases, neck, back, knee, leg and arm pain? Do you want to learn a technique that will allow you to work deep in the tissue, as I have with professional and university athletes, yet with very little effort on your part other then different breathing techniques?
Want to “turbo charge your Reiki”? Want to learn a technique to help a friend or a loved one from a distance? Want to learn how to improve an athletes training to increase their total workload up to 20%? The technique I’m talking about is Quantum Touch!

“Quantum Touch is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing. It is an essential and invaluable skill for every lay person and professional practitioner.”
Alternative Medicine Magazine

"For energy medicine practitioners, Quantum-Touch amplifies the effects of Reiki and other hands-on-healing techniques. For the layman, Quantum-Touch empowers the individual to tap into the innate healing abilities we all possess."
Ellen DiNucci, M.A. Project Coordinator Complementary &
Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford University

This revolutionary technique developed by Richard Gordon, has been written up in various massage, complementary & alternative magazines over the past several years. Quantum Touch is easy to learn, easy to incorporate into a massage session, or as a stand-alone therapy. I did 130 hours of research using Quantum Touch on Fibromyalgia patients and the results are posted at:

I have used Quantum Touch with professional, university & other athletes. I have used it in my own family for burns, bruises, migraine & tension headaches, even helped a young girl who has cerebral palsy and other disabilities so that she can communicate with her family better. Her family was so impressed that the father, mother and one brother learned it so they could “run” the energy on her to help her continue to improve! It worked so well for me that I chose to become an instructor of it!
There is a limited amount of spaces available so sign up ASAP!

Comments from past seminar students
Kjol was such a wonderful instructor of the basic Quantum-Touch class. He was teaching everyone from
Dr. Mom's to Chiropractors in the class, yet he was able to get the information across in a manner that was impressive. I'm hard to impress because I'm a university professor of education after a career of teaching
6-12 grade students. You would be well served to take his class. You could feel how passionate about he is about helping to heal people. As he would say Mahalo and Aloha
Karen M.

I learned more in the weekend then I ever thought I would. I was able to do amazing stuff after the 1st day. By the end of the 2nd day I was just buzzing with energy and excitement. Kjol makes the class fun, interesting and makes you want to share Quantum-Touch with everyone and everything you meet.
Diane, J.

Learning Quantum Touch will allow you to get your clients out of pain and they will in turn rave about you and refer many clients, helping you build your practice to the level your heart desires! We became massage therapists in order to get people out of pain! You have the chance to learn a technique, which will take your practice to another level! I have taught Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, Nurses, Athletic trainers, Personal trainers, Dental Assistants, EMT’s, Dr. Mom’s, Reiki Masters, Counselors & my then 4-year-old son. May your 2007 be a wonderful year for you both professionally and personally!


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United States

Additional Information

The cost of the seminar is 295.00 If your a massage therapist you can get 12 CEU's for more information go to or my website