Event Date/Time: Oct 09, 2007 End Date/Time: Oct 10, 2007
Registration Date: Oct 09, 2007
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The Center for Internet Research (TCFIR), in concert with Colorado State University is hosting “21st Century Education – The Real and the Ideal”, a conference focused on “what’s next” in the social/cultural, methodological, and technological dimensions of education. The conference theme speaks to the need for a realistic appraisal of the state of education and reform efforts, and what present realities indicate for the future, coupled with constructive and well-informed speculation about how change in education can be better managed to serve the need of students, educators, parents, industry, and society as a whole; the real and the ideal.

At the heart of this conference is a project in the early stages of planning for the development of next-generation, accredited K-12 computer-aided teaching and learning environment (CAT/L) which will incorporate the best of what we presently know. More than an attempt at another “online education system”, this project will address the situated, contextual problem of education from a holistic and cross-disciplinary perspective. The thesis underlying this project is that previous attempts at “education reform” have met with difficulties because solutions have not been adequately integrated into, or accounted for, the total social system of education. Therefore, technology in education, while desirable because of numerous potential benefits, cannot be limited in scope to superior content, assessment methodology, lesson-planning, parental involvement, or accountability but must address all of these needs and more. In addition, the technological concept underlying this project do not attempt to eliminate classrooms or teachers but focus instead on helping teachers and students do more with better results. In this context, technology must be made to serve people and facilitate what people do best, in practicable, adaptive, streamlined ways.

We believe that bringing together leaders in education, business, academia, and government in a conference environment organized around these themes will produce significant new ideas, perspectives, and initiatives unlike other education conferences.


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