Assessing and Documenting Study Abroad Learning Outcomes

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Event Date/Time: May 13, 2009 End Date/Time: May 13, 2009
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Assessing and Documenting Study Abroad Learning Outcomes 13 May 2009 online Student participation in study abroad is burgeoning. At the same time, study abroad stakeholders—including academic affairs officers, transfer credit evaluators, accreditation bodies, and parents—are increasingly demanding hard evidence that these programs add value to the undergraduate learning experience. After exploring the institutional advantages to assessing study abroad outcomes, we will survey three domains of learning outcomes: [1] personal development, (e.g., enhanced self-efficacy); [2] multicultural and global values (e.g., reduced ethnocentrism); and [3] academic learning outcomes [e.g., course- based learning and even improved graduation rates]. For each of these domains, we introduce several examples of both formal and informal assessment tools. Participants will receive hard copies of several of the instruments that will be discussed. Objectives *Utilize outcomes assessment results to strengthen institutional support for study abroad *Capitalize on study abroad outcomes results in writing institutional accreditation reports *Employ study abroad outcomes results for marketing study abroad programs *Become familiar with personal development outcomes of studying abroad *Learn strengths and weaknesses of selected measurement instruments and informal techniques for assessing outcomes of studying abroad in three domains *Become familiar with multicultural and global values outcomes of studying abroad *Understand how to use institutional data to assess learning outcomes of studying abroad *Utilize classroom learning artifacts (student essays, projects) to assess learning outcomes of studying abroad *Recognize common difficulties in designing research that isolates effects of studying abroad from effects of confounding variables (such as differences in student ability) *Link assessment of study abroad outcomes to current conceptions of general education, transformative learning, and intercultural competence Who should attend? *Campus-wide study abroad directors and staff *International education directors and staff *Faculty and staff who direct study abroad programs *Academic affairs officers who oversee study abroad or student outcomes or who are involved in writing accreditation reports *Institutional researchers who document student outcomes, compliance with accreditation standards *Admissions officers and other staff who must evaluate transfer credit from study abroad programs *Administrators and staff from third-party study abroad providers *Faculty and researchers interested in methodologies for studying intercultural competence, global-mindedness, and transformative education Who are the speakers? Don Rubin is Professor Emeritus of Speech Communication, Language & Literacy Education, and Linguistics at the University of Georgia. Author of over 100 journal articles and book chapters, he has extensive experience teaching and researching intercultural communication and conducting workshops on international education. As a seasoned department head and member of various program review committees, Don is familiar with techniques for using assessment data to enhance program effectiveness and stature. Don is former editor of the national journal, Communication Education. Currently he is senior researcher with the Center for Health and Risk Communication at Georgia. Richard Sutton has worked in the international education field for more than twenty years. For the past decade he has served as the chief international education officer for the University System of Georgia and its 35 campuses, including two-year, comprehensive, and research institutions. The System annually sends nearly 7,000 students abroad each year. He is currently visiting senior research fellow at the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics, and Character at Kennesaw State University, where he is completing the final phase of a major federal research project on the impact of study abroad on student learning outcomes and academic performance indicators. Enquiries: