Cost-effective Sustainable Design and Construction

Venue: Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Sep 09, 2007 End Date/Time: Sep 12, 2007
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Conference Day One: Sunday 9th September 2007

08:30 Registration, Refreshments And Networking
09:00 Chairman’s Welcome And Opening Address
09:15 Developing The Business Case For Long-Term Investment In Green Buildings
Balancing the economic and sustainable development drivers
Deciphering the changing attitudes of the Middle East end-user
Understanding the value-add of green buildings to the community and the economy
Creating incentives for clients / designers / contractors / material supplier
Faisal Jaffer
Lead Architect

09:55 Making Green Buildings Happen, Anywhere
What is a green building?
Technical requirements for a building to be green
Financial implications of building green
Developing green buildings anywhere
Sougata Nandi
Sustainable Development Manager

10:35 Executive Exchange: One-To-One Networking Session.
Meet, network and exchange business cards with your peer group in IQPC’s exclusive, lively networking session. In this quick-fire round, you can meet every single delegate and discover what they are doing to support the sustainable construction agenda.

10:50 Networking, Refreshments And Business Development Break
11:20 Securing High Return On Investment From Sustainable Buildings
Assessing the benefits and barriers to investing in green buildings
Setting out a plan to secure capital for investment – what should be demonstrated?
What can be expected in terms of high ROI – looking at international experience
12:00 Panel Debate: Who Is Responsible For Sustainable Design And Construction?
Government - Developer
Designer - Contractor
Material Supplier - Product Manufacturer
13:00 Networking Lunch And Exhibition Visit
14:15 Balancing The Cost Of Constructing A Sustainable Building With The Savings From Operating And Occupying It
Calculating the true cost of constructing a environmentally-friendly building
Assessing the capital cost requirements and benefits for different kinds of buildings
What level of savings can be expected from reduced water and electricity bills
Balancing the needs of constructors and occupiers
14:55 Changing Procurement Strategies To Access And Source Sustainable Products And Materials At A Cost-Effective Price
Understanding the ratings systems and classifications for environmentally-friendly materials
Identifying suitable sustainable materials and products for your construction project
Ensuring materials are from sustainable sources using international guidelines and standards
Taking into account any extra cost of sustainable materials in the project contracts
15:35 Networking, Refreshments And Business Development Break
16:00 Ensuring Early Contractor And Material Supplier Involvement At Design Stage To Drive Sustainability Throughout The Project
Understanding drivers for including sustainability in the project from the point of view of a client / designer / contractor / manufacturer
Creating conditions for early coordination between designers / contractors / material suppliers to ensure sustainable materials and methods are at the heart of the project
Putting together the contract using sustainability as a key criteria
Setting up benchmarks and reporting procedures to ensure the use of sustainable products and materials
16:40 Using Commercially-Viable Renewable Energies To Increase The Sustainability Features Of Buildings
Assessing the renewable energies available in the Middle East and the extent of their current use
Incorporating renewable energies in the design of a building
How can the sun, wind and water be used to harness energy for buildings and communities
17:20 Chairman’s Closing Remarks And End Of Conference Day One
Drinks reception and networking. Discuss the critical issues on how to develop sustainable construction in an informal and relaxed environment.

Conference Day Two: Monday 10th September 2007

08:30 Registration, Refreshments And Networking
09:00 Chairman’s Welcome And Opening Address
09:15 Creating And Introducing A Set Of Parameters To Define A Green Building Ratings – Industry Update
Assessing the current status of the rating system to measure building energy efficiency
Comparing the state of the sustainability agenda in the Middle East with international benchmarks
Overview of what clients, designers, contractors and material suppliers can do to increase the use of sustainable products in the Middle East
Using the Emirates Green Building Council rating system to drive up sustainability in the future
09:55 Measuring The Performance Of A Building In Terms Of Post Construction Energy Usage
10:35 Networking, Refreshments And Business Development Break
11:00 Assessing The Whole Life Value Of A Building From Initial Cost To Post-Occupancy Performance
Critically understanding what “whole-life value” means
Evaluating how buildings and facilities affect the occupiers and the energy usage
Creating long-term value by developing sustainability and environmental strategies from an early design stage
Understanding the overlaps and relationships between design, construction and occupancy in maintaining sustainable value
Daniel Hajjar
Vice President and Regional Manager, HOK - HELLMUTH

12:20 Interactive Roundtable Session
Explore the most critical challenges to improving corporate governance to international best practice standards through our informal facilitated discussion groups. There will be four roundtable groups on different subjects, ensuring you are able to discuss, with your peers, the practical solutions to take back to your offices.

Weighing up the true savings from designing and constructing sustainable buildings
Employing the most obvious energy source in the Middle East – delivering energy through solar power
Understanding the insurance implications for green buildings
Using sustainable design and construction as a driver for sustainable communities
13:15 Networking Lunch And Exhibition Visit
14:30 From Zero Carbon To Zero Carbon
Assessing how we got from a zero carbon world 150 years ago to now
The effect of development in the next 100 years
Low carbon building development solutions
Overcoming challenges to produce long-term solutions for the Middle East and globally
Richard F Smith
Technical Director

15:10 Developing Energy Efficient Buildings At Design Stage To Ensure More Sellable End-Products
Understanding current and future regulations, nationally and regionally
Implementing practical measures to meet standards in design and building
Developing cost-models to ensure the price of raw materials is not an inhibitor when selling
15:50 Networking, Refreshments And Business Development Break
16:20 Designing Developments To Meet The Changing Waste Agenda
Ensuring clients / designers / contractors work together to address the issue of waste management from the design stage
Determining the current issues and room for change
Developing a model for sustainable communities
Putting waste management model into practice - a case example
Adam Read
Head of Waste Management

17:00 Using Your Sustainability Credentials To Differentiate Your Business
Assessing the link between sustainability and company reputation
Ensuring sustainability is not just a fad, but part of the corporate culture
Winning contracts by demonstrating world-class sustainability credentials
Delivering sustainability as a positive story to the media
17:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks And End Of Conference Day One

Workshops: Tuesday 11th September 2007

09:00 – 12:00 Workshop A – Understanding climate change and how sustainable design and construction can affect it
Securing a greater appreciation of the most pressing global challenge and seeing how sustainable design and construction can contribute to a reduction of CO2 gases.

13:30 – 16:30 Workshop B – Developing green management strategies to supervise construction sites
Designing all-encompassing strategies to manage sites in the most sustainable way; including material transportation to and from site, toxic waste management, and water and electricity management.


Additional Information

Workshops: Wednesday 12th September 2007 09:00 – 12:00 Workshop C – Using facility ecology strategies to improve the indoor environment of buildings Assessing how indoor air quality, lighting, heating, ventilation should be provided and maintained in accordance with international standards and how they work towards avoiding “Sick Building” syndrome. 13:30 – 16:30 Workshop D – Meeting the triple bottom line – economic, social, environmental by effective design and construction Developing cost-benefit analysis, taking into account up-front costs as well as life-cycle costs to deliver environmentally and economically sound projects