Knowledge society: the social Cultural & Linguistic Challenges in the Arab world Today & Tomorrow (KSSCL)

Venue: SQU

Location: Muscat, Oman

Event Date/Time: Dec 02, 2007 End Date/Time: Dec 04, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 01, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Oct 01, 2007
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Shaped by accumulated civilizational experiences, humans came to know that communication is an essential factor in the formation of societies, and the cornerstone of the present era which made it possible for everyone
to derive ample benefit from the information at
the service of the individual, the state and society. By the end of the second millennium, the world has witnessed a far-reaching evolution in the
field of information technology which ushered
in a new society engineered by knowledge, where concepts, theories and logic have been
in constant flux. The emergent society has
prescribed a new civilization which shall incite in us an intensive endeavor to delve into it and controvert its obscure facets.
In view of the fact that knowledge represents an underlying pillar as well as a starting point for the achievement of social and human development, which in turn rests on building faculties and promoting self-improvement with regard to the individual, the state and society, we may conceive of knowledge society as the society which is able to generate, spread and utilize knowledge
for the sake of additional benefit in all walks of life. Knowledge, however, can be defined as a
network of data, information, ideas and symbolic conventions approached in their semiotic and historical contexts. It aims at structuring human life in its diversity.
In point of fact, knowledge society is indicative of the present and the future and, accordingly,

calls for a firm hold of modern technology and
its potentials, with a view to build knowledge generation by establishing our Arabic roots in modern civilization.
Taking such concepts into account, the College
of Arts and Social Sciences at Sultan Qaboos
University has set upon itself to organize its first
international conference on Knowledge Society:
The Social, Cultural and Linguistic Challenges Today and Tomorrow.

Vision of the Conference:
In line with the development of information technology, the world came to a point where knowledge society manifested itself in all dimensions, in such a manner that such society turned into an everyday reality. In this respect, such evolution gave rise to a plethora of challenges in connection with many domains
such as the social, cultural and linguistic fields.
Similarly, such evolution led to other challenges with regard to human and social sciences and their response to the variables which knowledge society stimulated either by observing, analyzing or dealing with knowledge through new visions and clear strategies, or by improving research methods and strategies which would enable us to specify operational frameworks devoted to the study of latest phenomena.
Like any region in the world, the Arab World is aspiring to benefit from the potential of
accumulated knowledge that knowledge society made available, and which paved the way for a
proper utilization of knowledge in all fields.
Mission of the Conference:
The mission of the conference consists of
granting the adequate opportunity to organize
a scientific meeting point which brings together
scientists; researchers; experts and mindful people, with the aim of examining the social, cultural and linguistic challenges in the Arab
World. The conference also aims to offer studies and scientific research, together with adequate

samples and experiments within the framework of giving knowledge society a window of opportunity to press ahead with its recent requirements and
challenges. To this effect, the conference offers
an occasion to explore such requirements and
to look for scientific and systematic methods
of dealing with it, and to open the debate and discussion on its dimensions and effects. Such mission of the conference is in agreement with the goals Sultan Qaboos University designed in
order to activate scientific research, and to be a forum to intellectual and scientific assemblies to
meet with the various changes and their impact on man and society.

Aims of the Conference:
1. Enhance scientific research in the domain of
knowledge society.
2. Exchange scientific information on knowledge
society between different regions of the Arab
3. Diagnose the social, cultural and linguistic
challenges facing the Arab World in the wake of
knowledge society.
4. Suggest solutions, alternatives and adequate
options to face the challenges the Arab World is
confronted with.
5. Survey experiences and models in the field of
knowledge society nationwide.

Themes and Scope of the Conference:
A) Knowledge Society and the Issues of Family, Society and Development:
Knowledge society between cultural heritage and technological achievements.

The prospects and aspirations of social work

within the framework of knowledge society.
Knowledge society and the social and human challenges.

The Arab family and the challenges of

knowledge society.
5. The prospects of social research within the
framework of knowledge society.

6. The institutions of civil society within
knowledge society.
B) Knowledge Society and the Issues of
Language, Literature and Teaching:
Arabic language under the challenges of Globalization.

The role of language academies in the

development of modern standard Arabic.
3. Literature and the bridges of communication between the East and the West within the
framework of knowledge society.
Promotion of educational curricula within knowledge society.

The challenges of digital education in the Arab World.

Translation: its present status and future

C) Knowledge Society and the Issues of History,
Geography and Archeology:
1. The challenges of human development
within knowledge society.
Knowledge society and spatial monitoring techniques.

Digital preservation and maintenance of cultural heritage.

Remote sensing in archeological research.

Information technology and its implications in the teaching of history in the Arab universities.

The international information network and

its effect on historical knowledge.
D) Knowledge Society and the Issues of Media,
Information and Tourism:
Knowledge society and the problematic of cultural communication and invasion.

Knowledge society and the latest mass-media.

Knowledge society and the new models of modern tourism.

Information systems and the management of tourism.

5. The Arab people and the need for information
in a digital environment.
6. Knowledge generation, diffusion and quality
control in the Arab World.
E) Knowledge Society and the Issues of
Philosophy, Culture and Arts:
Epistemology and its evolution within contemporary Knowledge society.

Philosophical thinking within knowledge society.

Knowledge society and the problematic of contemporary culture.

Authentic and consumer cultures in knowledge society.

Knowledge society and the future of theatrical arts.

Knowledge society and the technologies of modern art.

F) Knowledge Society: Projects and experiments:
This area of study sheds light upon Arab
distinguished projects and experiments in the
field of knowledge society, and also seeks to
highlight those in progress.

Submission Guidelines:
Submission of abstracts and papers:
-The deadline for submission of abstracts is: 1st
July 2007.
-The deadline for submission of research papers
is: 1st October 2007.

Submission Prerequisites:
All papers submitted to the organizing committee of the conference should comply with the following:
-Originality and innovation.
-Its connection with the conference theme.
-The abstract should not exceed one page
(250 words) and the research paper should not be more than 30 pages size A4 (8000 words).
-Papers should not have been presented in a previous conference.

Acceptance of Research Papers:
Papers will be refereed by the steering committee before approval.

Publication of Papers:
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Language of the Conference:
Arabic or English

Registration Fees:
-20 (Twenty) Omani Rials or its equivalent
payable to: Bank Muscat, Sultan Qaboos University Branch, Sultanate of Oman, Account Number: 038500270081013
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Facilities Provided:
-Issuing visa
-Reception and transportation from hotel to venue of the conference and from venue of the conference to the hotel.
-Special prices at one of the hotels in Muscat-Oman.

-Postal address:
First Scientific International Conference of the College of Arts and Social Sciences - College
of Arts and Social Sciences. Sultan Qaboos
University, P.O.Box 42, Postal Code 123 Al-
Khodh, Muscat- Sultanate of Oman.
- Website:
-Fax: 0096824141815
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