Event Date/Time: Oct 25, 2007
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Powering the next generation of high-tech devices

The push is on to make consumer devices more useful and efficient. Companies big and small are aware that the more a device can do - be it a laptop, cell phone or event set-top cable box - and the quicker it can do it, the more desirable it becomes. However, device makers need much more than just good software or a nice interface. They need chips that enable applications to run smoothly, quickly and more efficently, using less power. Despite the efforts of mainstays like Intel, AMD, Freescale and Qualcomm, chip companies continue to get funded to address specific needs for specific devices.

At MicroVentures, you'll hear the latest from some of the chip industry's giants as well as its most promising up-and-comers about opportunities and challenges in the U.S. as well as in Asia and elsewhere. Our new one-day format in Silicon Valley provides easy access - and efficient coverage - of all of the trends and opportunities you need to be aware of in semiconductor development and investment in the heart of the industry. Dow Jones proprietary VentureSource data provides analytical insight into the state of semiconductor investment and development, and perspectives from operations and corporate development executives from major corporations developing and employing latest generation of chips will shed light on real industry opportunities.

Join us as we cover the promise and innovation in the areas of Communications, Electronic Design Automation, Multimedia, NanoElectronics, Power Management, MEMS, Wireless and more.

Topics Include:

• What can semiconductor startups do to improve their capital efficiency and mitigate associated risks?
• Which industries — entertainment, mobile, medical, auto, etc. — will deliver the best payback for chip investors?
• Just how much opportunity is left in the consumer sector?
• What does the interest from buyout firms in chip companies mean for both established players and start-ups?
• What specific applications remain for U.S.-based chip startups?
• How are opportunities in MEMS evolving?
• How will chip startups compete and partner with large public semiconductor companies?

• How can investors best tap the opportunities for development and end markets in Asia?
• What does it take to build a chip company in China?

Keynote Speakers for MicroVentures 2007 Include:

Bernard Meyerson
Vice President & Chief Technologist, Systems and Technology Group, IBM
Bernard Meyerson, the CTO of IBM’s Technology Group, who’s known for pioneering work in the compound that made possible world’s fastest silicon-based transistor, silicon germanium, which was announced on November 4, 2002.

David Yen
EVP, Microelectronics, Sun Microsystems

Presenters for MicroVentures 2007 include:

- Aquest Systems - Mihir Parikh, President & CEO
- ChiL Semiconductor - Ram Sudireddy, President & CEO
- Maxscend Technologies - Zhihan Xu, Chief Executive Officer
- Quintic - Clement Lam, Chief Executive Officer
- RedMere Technology new- Peter Smyth, Chief Executive Officer
- RedShift Systems - Matthias Wagner, Chief Executive Officer
- UniRF - Sanjiv Rai, Chief Executive Officer
- VirtenSys - Ahmet Houssein, President & CEO