International Conference on Research in Higher Education (ICRHEI)

Venue: Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Event Date/Time: Jul 03, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 06, 2007
Paper Submission Date: Sep 07, 2007
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International Conference on Research in Higher Education Institutions (ICRHEI)

Conference Concept Statement

Research has been widely recognized as the primary means to acquire new information and innovative ideas in many academic fields and disciplines especially in the natural sciences and technology and the social sciences. Knowledge gained from research has increasingly been recognized worldwide as a catalyst of economic progress and social well-being. In plain terms such knowledge provides new gainful jobs for people.

As the lead government agency on higher education, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has, as one of its mandates, the promotion of research to push forward the frontiers of knowledge and to develop a culture of research among the higher education institutions (HEIs), on the assumption that the HEIs should be a major source of research-generated knowledge for society to use.

To this end, CHED will hold this international conference, with the following objectives:

General: To provide a venue for sharing and discussing factors which promote and inhibit the full participation of higher education institutions (HEIs) in human and economic development through research and extension


1. To highlight best practices in:

a. Providing and nurturing a conducive environment for research
b. Building and maintaining research expertise in HEIs for national development
c. Research output utilization in teaching, policy-making and implementation, industry innovation and sustainable community development

2. To determine mechanisms for the initiation and maintenance of international and regional collaboration in research capacity building for research and in knowledge/technology generation

3. To explore various modalities of research partnership/linkages between the producers and consumers of research skills/knowledge

4. To agree on strategies and actions for regional networking among higher education (HE) researchers, scientists and institutions for promoting and sustaining HE research and output utilization

Theme and Sub Themes

Main Theme: The Vital Role of Higher Education Research Towards
Sustainable Development

Sub-Theme I: Higher Education Institution (HEI) Research Capability Building for Socio-Economic growth

- Creating and maintaining community of experts
- Integrating and harmonizing the three focal functions of HEIs (instruction, research and extension)
- Ethical values in research programs and processes
- Development of Research Infrastructure

Sub-Theme 2: HEI Partnerships in Research

- Partnerships between and among:
- Industry, Academe, Government
- NGOs, POs and civil society groups
- Donor agencies
- Case studies

Sub-Theme 3: Modes of research results utilization

- Research-based curricula and teaching materials for improved relevant teaching especially in graduate schools
- Research-based policies
- Adaptation/commercialization of technologies developed by HEIs
- State of art science parks, R&D labs. Technology incubators, R & D of transnational corporations
- Intellectual Property Rights of technologies developed by HEIs

Sub-Theme 4: Relevance of Research to Current Issues
- Globalization
- Urbanization
- Migration/Brain drain
- Environmental conservation and protection
- Business and Economics
- Governance


1 Salinas Drive, Lahug

Additional Information

Registration fee: On or before September 30, 2007 US$300 After September 30, 2007 US$350