Venue: Athens

Location: Athens, Greece

Event Date/Time: Jul 04, 2007
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Keynote Lecture:
Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding
by Prof. K. R. Rao, UTA, Arlington, Texas, USA.

Plenary Lecture 1:
Motion-Tuned Wavelet Transform and Hierarchical Motion Estimation
by Prof. Patrice Brault, Université Paris-sud, France.

Plenary Lecture 2:
Foundations of Nonlinear Signal Processing for Emerging Intelligent Communication and Computing Systems
by Prof. Rui J. P. de Figueiredo, University of California, USA.

Plenary Lecture 3:
Non-Commutative Localizations and Torsion-Free Modules
by Prof. Ulrich Albrecht, Auburn University, USA.

Plenary Lecture 4:
An Agent-oriented Computational Semantics for Ogden's Basic English
by Prof. Jim Cunningham, Imperial College London, UK.


Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Data Bases, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Industrial systems, Autonomic and autonomous systems, Knowledge data systems, Knowledge Mining, Web-based education, E-Activities (E-Commerce, E-Education, E-Health, E-Goverment), Security, Cryptology, Computer Vision, Intelligent Techniques, Computer Logic, Multimedia, Video Systems, Internet Technologies, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Language-Speech processing, Digital Systems Design, Remote Sensing, Quantum Computing, Nano-Computing, DNA Computing and Biologically Inspired Algorithms, Robotics, Computer Vision, Visualization and Virtualization, Computational Intelligence (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computing), Cognitive Systems, Systems performance, Networking and Telecommunications, Digital Communications, Applied Electromagnetics (Microwaves, Antennas, Radar, Scattering), Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation, Algorithms and Complexity, Graph Theory, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Supercomputing, Computers in Education.


Deadline for Paper Submission: June 30, 2007
Acceptance Notification / Rejection: one month after the submission of your paper


WSEAS Members or Participants in IARAS Projects or Faculty Members, Scholars, Students
from the following Collaborating Universities:
1) Université Paris-Sud, FRANCE, 500 EUR (registration of one paper)
2) Technical University of Sofia, BULGARIA, 500 EUR (registration of one paper)
3) Federal University, UFRN, BRAZIL 500 EUR (registration of one paper)
4) Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy, ROMANIA 500 EUR (registration of one
paper) 500 EUR

Other Authors 550 EUR

The mandatory part of the registration fees includes:

a) Publication of your paper as Chapter in a SPRINGER VERLAG Book (ISI, INSPEC, CSA, Ulrigh, DBLP, ACM, IET indexed)

b) Publication of your paper in the CD-ROM Proceedings of SPRINGER VERLAG (ISI, INSPEC, CSA, Ulrigh, DBLP, ACM, IET indexed)

c) Publication of your paper in the E-Library of SPRINGER VERLAG (ISI, INSPEC, CSA, Ulrigh, DBLP, ACM, IET indexed)

possible: d) JOURNAL PUBLICATION: The authors of the Best Papers will be invited to send extended versions of their papers after the conference to the Editor-in-Chiefs of WSEAS Journals. These extended versions might be published in the WSEAS Journals after the conference with additional review. This very limited number of high-quality papers will be announced in the Post-Conference report of the Conference.

No-show authors will be excluded from any further publication in WSEAS Journals, regardless of the quality of their papers. Additionally, they will be required to pay extra shipping and handling fees in order for the organizing committee to mail out their registration receipt, CD-ROM proceedings, and one volume of the hard-copy proceedings.

The main registration includes also 6 rich coffee-breaks,
as well as a Banquet with a great variety of different meals (menus).
See reports from the previous WSEAS Conferences

Also in the main registration fees: Certificate of attendance, other documentation, conference bag, conference folder, admission to all sessions, special sessions and tutorials in all conferences that will be held in parallel in the same place.

Extra Pages: The main registration justifies publication of one paper up to 6 pages. For more than 6 pages, there exists an extra fee: 100 EUR/per page.

Extra Papers: 250 EUR for each additional paper. The additional fee of 250 EUR justifies publication of an additional paper up to 6 pages. For more than 6 pages, there exists an extra fee: 100 EUR/per page.

EXTRA copies of Hard Copy Proceedings (50 EUR / volume)

EXTRA copies of CD-ROM Proceedings (20 EUR / CD-ROM)

Student Registration: 220 EUR. Student Registration included conference bag, access to all sessions, coffee-breaks and banquet. Student registration cannot be applied to students that present paper(s) in the conference. Student registration includes proceedings, coffee-breaks and banquet, but can not justify publication of the paper in the proceedings neither presentation of a paper. Rate is for an attendee only.
A student may present the paper as long as the full author registration fee has been paid by a co-author.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Prof. Dr.-Eng. Nikos E. Mastorakis,
Military Insitutes of University Education (ASEI)
Hellenic Naval Academy
Terma Chatzikyriakou 18539,
Piraues, GREECE

Dr. - Eng.Philippe Dondon,
ENSEIRB rue A Schweitzer 33400 Talence,


Prof. Dr.-Eng. Valeri Mladenov
Head of Department Theory of Electrical Engineering
Technical University of Sofia

Prof. Dr.-Eng. Patrice Brault,
Head of the Coding and Math Modeling Department
IEF, Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale (CNRS UMR 8622)
Batiment 220 Université Paris-sud, Orsay 91405 cedex,

Prof. Dr. Constantin Udriste
Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences
President of Balkan Society of Geometers
University Politehnica of Bucharest
Department of Mathematics
Splaiul Indpendentei 313

Prof. Dr. Jose Alfredo F. Costa
Adaptive Systems Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
Federal University, UFRN

Dr.-Eng. Luige Vladareanu
Senior Scientific Researcher of Romanian Academy
Department of Dynamic Systems
Romanian Academy, Institute of Solid Mechanics
Bucharest, ROMANIA



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Send please your question to us: ecc2007(AT) (please, replace (AT) with @)

Special Session is to focus on very specific topics and target speakers and audience with expertise on the particular subject. In effect, Special Sessions are recognized as having very high prestige and have attracted distinguished scientists from all over the world. Special Sessions promote presentation of novel ideas, discussion and exchange of knowledge between highly skilled participants. On the other hand, it has been observed that in special sessions all (or almost all) the papers are presented as well as several discussions with serious comments and questions take place after the presentation.
Approved Special Sessions (List updated: 2 January 2007):

1. "Computational Methods on Power Systems" - Organizer: Prof. Manisha Dubey, Dept. of Electrical Eng., MANIT, Bhopal, INDIA

2: "Computational Fluid Dynamics -- Computational Heat and Mass Transfer and Thermal Science"

3. "Computational Intelligence with Applications in Systems Theory and Software Engineering" - Organizer: Prof. Valeri Mladenov

4. "Computational Mechanics, Finite Elements, Boundary Elements" - Organizer: Prof. Olga Martin

5. "Multidimensional Systems with Applications in Signal Processing"- Organizer: Prof. Nikos E. Mastorakis

6. "Computers and Computing in Financial Science, Management and Marketing" - Organizer: Dr. Caraush Iura

7. "Computational Biology - Computational Biophysics" - Organizer: Prof. Olga Avramenko

8. "Computational Acoustics" - Organizer: Prof. Luige Vladareanu, Romanian Academy, ISM

9. "Computer Music" - Organizer: Prof. Luige Vladareanu, Romanian Academy, ISM

10. "Multiscale/ hierarchical methods and computation in signal, image and video (restoration, motion estimation, tracking, compression, shape recognition)" - Organizer: Dr. Patrice Brault

11. "Microscopy (AFM) images enhancement, restoration and analysis" - Organizer: Prof. Patrice Brault

12. "Unsupervised learning methods for data mining" - Organizer: Prof. Dr. Jose Alfredo F. Costa

13. "Computer and Computing Technologies Applications in Agriculture" - Organizer: Prof. Daoliang Li, China Agricultural University


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