Polyolefins Outlook 2007

Venue: Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Sep 20, 2007 End Date/Time: Sep 21, 2007
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Polyolefins 2007
---Downstream trends in China & effects on feedstock market

Conference Day One ¨C 20 September 2007

Market Trends ¨C China Market

1. Capacity Boom in the Polyolefins Industry: Market Forecasts of New Outputs in China
-New output of PE and the impact on the price
-What will new PP capacity bring to the market?

2. What is Driving the Polyolefins Industry in china? - Macro economic indicators and manufacturing forecasts
-Analysis of half-year economic statistics
-What can the operation rate of the manufacturing sector tell us?
-How can the macro-economy drive the polyolefins industry?

3. What is the New Challenge for Asian PP Industry?
Mr. Lin Hanfu, GM of PP Division, Formosa

Market Trends - International Markets

4. Global Outlook on Olefins & Polyolefins Industry
-Price trends of olefins and polyolefins
-Analysisi of Asian supply/demand fundamentals
-Price benchmarking ¨C new pricing innovations
Mr. Thomas Giaever-Enger, Managing Editor, Platts

5. Analysis of the European Polyolefins Market
- Analysis of the market trends in Europe
- How are applications developing in Europe and to what extent will this apply to potential in China?
- What are the possible interactions between China and the European market?

6. Update on Polyolefin Plants in the Middle-East
- How long and how much the delay will be?
- When will the new capacity hit the market?
- How to find new opportunities in the booming market?

7. Fast Growing Market in India
- Current status of Indian plastics processing industry
- Features of Indian market/Indian downstream
- Development of Indian market and future impact on Asian polyolefins market
Mr. Harish Dharamsi, President, AIPMA-The All India Plastics Manufacturers¡¯ Association

8. Impact of growth markets eg Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia
- Aside from China, what is the extent of growth in the new emerging markets?
- How will this impact global supply and demand?

Conference Day Two-21 September 2007

Applications ¨C Examining the Demand Side

9. Polyolefin in Transfusion Packaging in China
- Development of plastic transfusion packaging in China
- What is the current usage of PP composite film in China and what grades are being supplied currently?
- Trend of using PE plastic in transfusion packaging
- Discussion on current and predicted standards

10. Polypropylene & Polyethylene in Automotive Parts
-What is the current usage of PP & PE in automotive parts?
-Future trends of plastics applications in the energy-saving automotive industry
Mr. Liu Shuwen, Manager of Material Department, PATAC

11. New Trends in Packaging Industry
- Review of current usage of plastics in the packaging field
- What is the global trend of packaging and its influence on China market?
- Implication of raw material's increasing demand to the advanced packaging
- Influence of packaging reduction plan
Tyrone Mao, Packaging Manager, Johnson & Johnson

12. Polyolefins¡¯ Application in the Electronics Industry
- Outlook of demand in the electronics industry
- Plastics application
- Purchasing strategy

13. Current Status And Trends in the Polyethylene Pipes Industry in China
- What are the applications for PE pipes and demand for feedstock?
- Building new standards in PE pipes in China
Mr. Gong Aiguo, Production Dept. & Mr. Tian Suping, International Dept., Chinaust Group

14. Development of Coal to Olefin Industry in China
- Progress of new plant build in China
- Comparison of coal to olefin and oil to olefin
- Forecast of coal to olefin industry

15. Metallocene And Other Innovative Polypropylene for Inter-material Replacement
- Global trends in metallocene PP
- What are the speciality uses of metallocene PP?
-Innovative PP solution for tin can replacement
-Innovative PP/PP compound for glass replacement
Mr. YeonSoo Lee, Marketing /Innovation Manager-pp, Basell