Event Date/Time: Jul 06, 2007
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The NOVATECH 2007 Investment Conference is a component of the Pro€Invest programme, which is a common initiative of the European Commission (EC) and Institutions from the ACP States (Africa, the Carribean and the Pacific) to stimulate Euro-African cooperation.

NOVATECH aims at promoting and supporting business opportunities in the sector of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to encourage further growth and development in the ACP countries.

NOVATECH 2007 will mobilise the major actors involved in the ICT, e-business and related sectors in East Africa and the Indian Ocean as well as in Europe, bringing them together at a Regional Investment Conference due to take place from the 30th Jenuary to the 1st February 2008 in Nairobi (Kenya).
Some 250 to 300 high level delegates will take part in the Investment Conference.

The agenda includes plenary sessions and thematic workshops. But the main focus of NOVATECH will be the one-to-one business meetings between European and African participants: Private and public companies, Policy decision-makers, professional associations, Investment promotion agencies, Cooperation agencies, European, international and regional financial institutions.

After this Regional Investment Conference, entrepreneurs and intermediary organisations will be in position, if their proposal is eligible, to benefit from Pro€Invest tailor-made technical assistance. Detailed information about this technical assistance is available on the Pro€Invest web site: www.proinvest-eu.org.


Additional Information

If you wish to attend this Regional Conference which will bring together high level participants, please visit http://novatech2007.teamresa.biz