CME - Rheumatology: Improving Primary Care Outcomes Through Diagnosis and Treatment

Venue: Hyatt Sarasota on Sarasota Bay

Location: Sarasota, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 31, 2008 End Date/Time: Apr 04, 2008
Early Registration Date: Mar 01, 2008
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SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES - DAY 1 - CLINICAL APPROACH TO THE PATIENT WITH RHEUMATIC DISEASES – Approach to the evaluation of the patient with rheumatic disease including: Central role of the history and physical examination. Key x-ray findings in patients with rheumatic diseases. LABORATORY AND RADIOLOGICAL TESTS IN RHEUMATOLOGY – Importance of synovial fluid analysis. Use and limitations of laboratory testing. SOFT TISSUE RHEUMATOLOGY – Diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue rheumatic conditions. Clinical aspects of entrapment neuropathies and their association with systemic conditions. Rheumatologic Procedures. Techniques and indications for intraarticular and soft tissue injections in rheumatology. DAY 2 - SPONDYLOARTHROPATHIES – Clinical features of the different spondyloarthropathies to improve diagnostic accuracy. Treatment modalities. IDIOPATHIC INFLAMMATORY MYOPATHIES – Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune inflammatory myopathies. Differential diagnosis of polymyositis. CRYSTAL ARTHROPATHIES – Diagnosis and treatment of crystal arthropathies including gout and pseudogout. VASCULITIS – Clinical manifestations of the various vasculitides and the appropriate diagnostic evaluation. Treatment modalities used in vasculitis. DAY 3 - CLINICAL ASPECTS OF RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS – Clinical features of rheumatoid arthritis. The systemic nature of the disease. TREATMENT OF RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS – Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Use and toxicity of disease modifying agents. FIBROMYALGIA – Epidemiology of fibromyalgia. Diagnosis and management of this common disorder. LYME DISEASE AND OTHER TOPICS IN RHEUMATOLOGY – Other conditions which have Rheumatic manifestations with emphasis upon evaluation and treatment. DAY 4 - SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS – Clinical presentations and course of systemic lupus erythematosus. Use of laboratory testing in diagnosis. Treatment options in systemic lupus erythematosus. SCLERODERMA AND RAYNAUD’S DISEASE – Clinical manifestations of scleroderma. Treatment for symptomatic manifestations. Diagnostic work-up and treatment of Raynaud’s Phenomenon. RHEUMATOLOGY PEARLS – Clinical points related to rheumatic diseases which emphasize efficient diagnosis and treatment. OSTEOPOROSIS – Pathophysiology and epidemiology of osteoporosis. Role of bone mineral density measurement in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic treatments for osteoporosis. DAY 5 - OSTEOARTHRITIS – Distinguish osteoarthritis from other forms of arthritis. Use of medical, physical and surgical treatments. SEPTIC ARTHRITIS – Diagnosis and risk factors for septic arthritis. Importance of early treatment, and indications for surgery. Interactive Case Presentations. Manifestations of some common and uncommon Rheumatic diseases in a case presentation format.


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